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AWS Enabled Byju’s to Deliver a Transformed Learning Experience to Millions of Students

AWS enabled Byju’s to deliver the best online learning experience in this age of mobile devices


Byju’s is one of India’s largest ed-tech companies and is the most popular K-12 learning app that offers highly adaptive, engaging, and effective learning programs for students. The platform strives to reinvent education for the students in this tech-driven modern era. Byju’s approaches with a combined effort from world-class teachers, proven pedagogical methods, innovative technology, and data science to deliver personalized learning across grades. The company helps teach children to absorb the culture of learning on their own rather than being spoon-fed and is reinventing how students learn in the age of mobile devices. Implementing AWS services enhanced its operational functionalities. 

Meeting the mobile app’s fast rate of growth required Byju’s to find a more scalable and cost-effective solution than its Heroku cloud platform. In addition to scalability, BYJU’S wanted to enhance its analytical capabilities. The team was concerned about gathering student feedback to implement changes as and when required.



Byjus chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the cloud platform for its website and mobile app. The team was previously familiar with AWS services and already knew how to scale it easily. Byjus runs its website and mobile apps on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. The company uses Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for PostgreSQL as its primary database service, and it stores presentations and other educational content in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets.

For data analytics, Byju takes advantage of the Amazon Redshift fully managed data warehouse to analyze app and website user data through the company’s existing business-intelligence software tools. Using Amazon Redshift, Byju can evaluate student feedback and capitalize on those insights to provide a more personalized learning experience.

In AWS, Byju’s has a reliable and scalable cloud environment for hosting its website and mobile learning apps, allowing the company to scale on-demand as the business keeps growing. The company has already proven it can quickly scale to meet spikes in traffic during special online events. 



Using AWS, Byjus gains deeper insights into student preferences and app usage, ultimately helping the company create unique, effective, and engaging learning experiences for students across all grades. It continues to innovate by making use of newer AWS services to develop solutions. As an example, the organization recently launched a product in India that takes advantage of the Amazon Alexa intelligent personal assistant to deliver audio-based educational content on the Amazon Echo device. Using Alexa voice commands, students can find out additional information about a given topic or play educational videos or games within the Byju’s app.