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Autostamper custom camera: Add Geotag & Timestamp

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Autostamper custom camera: Add Geotag & Timestamp

App development is becoming more exciting by the day, and mobile photography has grown in popularity over the years.

The use of mobile applications has accelerated in recent years, and as a result, the number of mobile apps is rapidly increasing. Our world is now surrounded by a digital environment. The rising need for more useful apps has sparked increased interest in mobile app development, particularly for photography-related apps.

There are millions of applications released every day, and among them are quite a few interesting mobile apps for those who want to do photography with their smartphone and edit their images using different features.

Creativity is for everyone, not just those who can afford professional tools and equipment, which is one of the reasons why mobile photography is so exciting, as smartphones improving it is becoming an integral part of our daily lives.

If you want to better remember important events or moments taken with your phone’s camera, or if you want to properly document your work activity, you should use stamps inserted in the photos as a solution. Photo stamping is a current technique that is rapidly gaining popularity. people love to secure their memories on the shape of photos, & applying date, the time stamp will help to memorize details about pictures.

There are numerous applications available on the market, but the auto-stamper custom camera app is an outstanding app that can offer you amazing results. With this app, you can immediately stamp the date, time, location, and logo onto your picture while capturing the images.

Autostamper custom camera is a simple picture stamping app that does exactly what it says. It includes a feature to add multiple stamp types, modify the text position, style, and color, and it also has a preview option to see how the stamp will look before you snap a photo with the app.

This is an easy-to-use app to put multiple stamps on the picture, which are clicked by your smartphone using the app. While using the app you can begin adjusting your stamps settings like adding and repositioning stamps, style, fonts, colors, or the transparency level.

You get 5 in 1 stamp on photo options in one single app when you use an autostamper custom camera app! Add a stamp on your photos automatically, you can make your photo informative as well as communicating with the help of an auto stamping application.

Date and time stamps, signature stamps, logo stamps, sequence stamps, and GPS coordinates stamps are among the five stamps that can be added to photos shot using the autostamper time stamp camera app.

How does the app autostamper custom camera: add geotags and timestamp work?

  • You can change the camera settings.

From the menu, you may turn on or off the stamps you want on your photographs, such as the date and time stamps. Signature, logo, GPS location, and sequence stamps are all present.


Some interesting features of autostamper camera app:

  1. You can set or change the camera settings such as:
  2. Ratio, Grid, Flash, Rotate
  3. By clicking on stamp setting options on the camera screen, you may switch on/off date and timestamp, GPS location stamp, logo stamp, and signature stamp, sequence stamp for pictures.


The following changes can be made to the date and timestamp camera settings:

  • On/off toggle
  • Change date and time format
  • Adjustable stamp size
  • Variant stamp size
  • Set stamper position
  • Change stamp color

The following changes can be made to the signature stamp settings:

  • On/off toggle
  • Add custom signature text
  • Adjustable stamp size
  • Variant stamp style
  • Set stamp position
  • Change stamp color


The following changes can be made to the Logo stamp settings:

  • On/off toggle
  • Upload or change logo image
  • Set transparency level
  • Adjustable stamp size
  • Set stamp position


The following changes can be made to the in GPS Location Stamp settings: 

  • On/off toggle 
  • Add a custom and current location 
  • Adjustable stamp size
  • Variant stamp style 
  • Set stamp position
  • Change stamp position

The following changes can be made to the sequence stamp settings:

  • On/off toggle
  • Change sequence format
  • Add sequence number
  • Select sequence type as increasing/decreasing 
  • Set suffix/prefix number
  • Add sequence repeated number 
  • Adjust stamp size
  • Variant stamp style
  • Set stamp position
  • Change stamp color

Why do you need to have an autostamper custom camera?


  • To add date-time stamp on photos
  • Auto timestamp options with stamper camera
  • To have GPS Stamp and logo on clicked pictures
  • Get date stamps, text stamps, image stamps, location stamps easily.
  • Date time stamper for easy photo stamping
  • Easy picture stamp with custom camera
  • Edit your photos using an autostamper timestamp camera app, with advanced features all in one spot.


The best photo app can help you create beautiful memories, and crucial details like the date and time stamp on your photos can help your memories survive a lifetime. Autostamper custom camera includes a feature that automatically inserts the current date and time onto your photo. The app’s easy interface allows you to stamp date, time, and location stamps in a variety of formats.

Use this app to take photographs and share them with your friends and family, use it for multitasking, and explore the world with this amazing autostmaper custom camera app, that is easily accessible on your smartphone.