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Author: Satavisa

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The idea of a smart city is not new. Let’s see where India stands in the field of smart cities. In an urban region, a city that is very much advanced in terms of infrastructure, real estate, communication, and market availability

These data science companies are the biggest data-as-a-service solution providers in 2022. Big data science companies are experts in detecting and mitigating unusual and risky data. Not every business has the revenue to recruit a data scientist. As a result, they

Get the latest news on crypto and blockchain regulations of India. Around 7 million Indians have already pumped in over US$1 billion into cryptos and the government has the tough task to allow fintech space to flourish in India while making

Learn more about the top 10 emerging space tech startups. India is developing and evolving by making huge advancements in the space tech industry. With all this innovation they are attracting more and more investors’ attention. As there is enormous competition

These are the latest innovative smart clothing technologies that you should know about. After first popping to the surface in 2015, the ‘e-textile and smart clothing’ segment are yet to reach mainstream adoption. Still, we’re seeing more companies using innovative technology

You must be aware of these data analytics companies in 2022 Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to make conclusions about that information. Many of the techniques and processes of data analytics have been automated into mechanical processes

Know about the differences in all ways! Solana vs Polkadot. In today’s blockchain world the cryptocurrencies are constantly in a race to develop the most secure and scalable blockchain networks. The outcome is that new blockchain networks have been budding along