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Author: Satavisa

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Here is your chance to work with autonomous vehicles Autonomous vehicles are quite popular these days and with the growth of this industry, various job vacancies are coming up. Here are some of the latest jobs on autonomous driving.   Senior Technical

The automation process of data management will become easy with Python Organizations are continually challenged by the process of data preparation (finding, combining, cleaning, and transforming raw data into curated assets) and data analysis. Despite the need for fast and accurate

Explain prior probability, likelihood, and marginal likelihood in the context of the naive Bayes algorithm? Answer: Prior probability is nothing but the proportion of dependent (binary) variables in the data set. It is the closest guess you can make about a

These questions you must know about if you are a data scientist Machine learning-related questions always take a large portion during interviews. Positions like data scientists, machine learning engineers require potential candidates to have comprehensive understandings of machine learning models and

Which one would be better? College or coding bootcamp? Coding bootcamps offer a range of courses where students can learn the skills they need through a comprehensive curriculum in a shortened period of time. Coding bootcamps usually run for several weeks,

Cyber security crash courses are listed here Cyber security or Network Security is the technique of protecting networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access or hacking. Cyber security is of utmost importance as government, military, corporate, financial,

AI-powered space station is on the way. Presently, AI is being used in almost every industry on earth and now it's time for it to go to space. Russia's new space station will operate autonomously to a large extent, using artificial