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Author: Satavisa

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With the chances of Bitcoin dropping further below US$20k, altcoins are rising in value For a generation of alienated techies, crypto's all-for-one ethos was its biggest draw. Now panic is spreading across this universe that the same ethos is posing what

Instagram is using AI to unravel the users’ ages and here’s why it is an extremely creepy technology Instagram is testing new ways to verify its youngest users' ages, by including artificial intelligence that analyzes a photo and estimates how old

Look out for the utterly shitty situation that prevails NFTs before you invest in it The global crypto downfall has grazed its dark claws to the depths of the NFT market. Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency plunged to US$20,946, witnessing an

Biggest theft in the history of the crypto industry as hackers attack Harmony! US crypto firm Harmony said on Friday that thieves stole around US$100 million worth of digital coins from one of its key products, the latest in a string

Investors are skeptical about whether Shiba Inu will completely recover from its recent fall or not The Shiba Inu price tagged along with other altcoins that were bouncing has witnessed decent gains. However, the rally seems to have ended around a

Analyst warns about another Ethereum implosion, only negative skepticism revolves around the market The Ethereum price reached above US$1,150 this June 19, marking 30%-plus gains in just two days. However, at the beginning of the new weekly session this June 20,

The demise of Bitcoin might be nearer than we think! Investors think twice before investing in BTC The declination in the Bitcoin price from Thursday to Saturday marked the largest realized loss ever for the top cryptocurrency by market cap, with