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Author: samhitha

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Do you remember when scammers hijacked the Twitter accounts of former President Barack Obama and dozens of other public figures to trick victims into sending money. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling new, more sophisticated forms of digital impersonation. The next

Now that everything is online, here are some E-learning scams and tricks you must be aware of. The pandemic has hit us all hard and that wave has resulted in the boom of E-learning platforms and courses, where we could attend

We get Wooed by the term Artificial Intelligence, but its Machine Learning that reinforces development. Here’s How. Everyone in the digital era go crazy about the term "artificial intelligence," evoking ideas of creative machines anticipating our every whim, though the reality

Global Tech Outlook presents everything you need to know about Micro 3D Printing and Applications of Micro 3D Printing. There are two major types of manufacturing: additive, where a part is made by adding material or subtractive, where a part is

Indoor Drones help in Reducing CO2 Emission. Here’s How: Most camera drones, built for outdoor use, feature GPS, which becomes useless indoors. They also have cameras designed for aerial photography rather than First Person View (FPV) piloting, and excessively powerful radio

Global Tech Outlook Presents Every Detail You Need to Know about Quantum Internet “Quantum Internet is faster than the speed of light” For now, we know that the interaction between entangled quantum particles is faster than the speed of light. In fact, Chinese physicists have measured the

Global Tech Outlook presents the Types of Biosensors in Various Applications you need to know. A biosensor is an analytical device, used for the detection of a chemical substance, that combines a biological component with a physicochemical detector. The sensitive biological