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Author: rahul

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NASA is working on a Martian Metaverse to aid training exercises and create a realistic and immersive environment. American space agency NASA recently teamed up with Epic Games and Buendea to construct new Metaverse technologies such as Virtual Reality (XR) research,

Here’s why Elon Musk's Twitter deal is 'temporarily on hold', pinpointing spam and fake accounts!  A few days ago, Elon Musk announced that his US$44 billion acquisition of Twitter has been postponed. This Elon Musk announcement backs up the microblogging site's

Will AI become a threat and eliminate the true creativity involved in filmmaking? Everyone's biggest existential dread used to be losing their jobs to artificial intelligence (AI). That all changed when the pandemic struck, and millions of people lost their jobs

Passwordless logins! Big tech is all in to make passwords, a memory of the past The FIDO Alliance is at the forefront of the movements of passwordless sign-in. Over the years, the organization has worked with many big tech companies to

Masterchefs take a note! This tasting robot can even teach you the best seasoning techniques! Already trained to prepare omelets based on human taste feedback, this robot chef has tried nine different variations of the simple scrambled eggs and tomato dishes

There’s a land rush happening in the Metaverse which might actually surprise you! Will land ever be scarce in the metaverse? Not only is this a valid question, but it's also an important question on the hot topics that have been

Social media is becoming an important medium of communication for central banks around the world. Central banks around the world are standing confused on Instagram with wellness influencers, makeup professionals, and home cooks as they focus more and more on their