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Author: rahul

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Crypto market maker Wintermute was hacked, and the thieves stole US$160 million from them According to reports, Wintermute, a market-making firm, has been hacked for US$160 million in the latest eye-watering crypto heist. CEO Evgeny Gaevoy announced on Twitter that the

Do Kwon is anticipated to be on the run, and now investors are taking their anger out on Terra Luna The last week has been hectic for the founders of the now-defunct Terra Luna network. Do Kwon and others have recently

The Ethereum price drops after the launch of the Merge upgrade and its recovery seems difficult Ethereum fell sharply against the US dollar after breaking through the US$1,500 resistance level. ETH is down more than 10%, and further losses could occur

Hereโ€™s how Ethereum Merge could gain Web3 about a billion new users overnight According to Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon Technology, which runs a "layer 2" platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, the successful integration of the Ethereum Merge

Crypto traders are fleeing Indian exchanges towards Binance to avoid tax regulations Binance Holdings Ltd.'s billionaire CEO Changpeng Zhao is tightening his grip on India's cryptocurrency trading market in the aftermath of a major tax change. According to market intelligence firm

Ripple Founder is going to the moon and is taking his XRP token with him! From cryptocurrency to space exploration; that is how technology nowadays evolves, and this billionaire isn't just aiming for the stars! The Ripple co-founder is currently assembling

Speculations about Bitcoin being phased out sooner are mostly incorrect and obscure Bitcoin hash rateย - the computational effort required to secure the network - is approaching historical highs, prompting some Twitter users to express concern about an accelerated Bitcoin halving schedule