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Author: Puja Das

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E-learning is a revolution in the Digital World of APAC The work from home model necessity has changed the way we interact with colleagues and reshape the way we learn and train. Not being in the classroom, in the flesh with a

How can AI help businesses to make it cost effective? IT giants such as IBM and ServiceNow have grown their strategic partnership to help organisations using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate their information technology (IT) operations. The joint solution will deploy IBM’s

How does Artificial Intelligence contribute to video games?   Almost all video games have bots or a game mode where you play against the computer knowingly or unknowingly. Even the ones who are famous for their multiplayer gameplay like Fortnite, Warzone, have

Chemical Industry’s contribution to reviving Indian Economy. The 6th largest in the world and 3rd largest in Asia, the Indian chemical industry is one of the oldest industries. The chemical industry has served as India's backbone of industrial and agricultural development

How can enterprises align with IT leaders?   The information technology (IT) and business worlds in an ideal universe would be perfectly aligned with IT solutions providing business leaders along with its strategic plans and resources necessary to gain the maximum performance,

How can non-executive directors get through this unprecedented time? We took specific, stable, and predictable decisions, most of which have changed in less than 12 months. From the unprecedented bushfires to the COVID-19 global pandemic, extreme climate events are changing geopolitical

Digitalising sales to adapt to the new normal   Due to the ongoing pandemic, stores, offices, and showrooms were closed. As trade shows and fairs got canceled, customers were unable to attend. Salesforce required remaining operational remotely, which was challenging to get