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What are the Top names in Autonomous Self-Piloting Drones this year? Automation is a trend that can be noticed in any technological field. By omitting the requirement for manual input, the idea is to make industrial and commercial processes faster, more

How LiDAR Technology is ensuring Self-driving Cars’ Safety   Autonomous cars are disrupting the automotive industry and may not be as far as we think of becoming transportation's future. Self-driving cars have hit the streets in a few states but for testing

How Facebook’s ML models are predicting COVID-19 Deterioration? During the COVID-19 pandemic, rapid and accurate triage of patients at the emergency department is essential in decision-making. Researchers at Cornell University propose a data-driven approach for automating deterioration risk using a deep neural network

Will Artificial intelligence in Cybersecurity Replace Humans? Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity space can be used to understand the cyber environment to detect abnormal activity. Artificial intelligence (AI) can also benefit cybersecurity with automated techniques to generate whenever cyber threats are detected.

Understanding The role of AI in preventing bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination   Cyberbullying is as dangerous and a huge concern as regular bullying. This social issue mostly targets children and teenagers. In the digital era, it's becoming even more abhorrent, facilitated by the

Key Drivers and Use Cases of Quantum Computing in Banking and Financial Sector From securities pricing to portfolio optimization, many financial services activities require assessing a range of potential outcomes. To do this, banks use algorithms and models that calculate statistical

SolarWinds Cyberattacks on Federal Governments and Private Companies   Organizations across several sectors are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, putting the information of millions of people at risk of exposure. Cyberattacks on federal governments and private companies are increasing, and they are prime