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Author: Priya Dialani

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AI in Astrophysics is overcoming the challenges of  cosmological simulations The expanded availability of large data sets and headways in artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms have transformed the value of data in both business ventures and academic research. Today, AI penetrates different

Shedding light on blockchain interoperability An ever-increasing number of people are thinking about blockchains as secure and promising. A large number of projects depending on various blockchains have grown over the most recent years. Indeed, there have been a few concerns,

The price of Dogecoin is going up consistently. Why? In the crypto world, there are a lot of projects and new currencies are getting perceived. Dogecoin is one of the growing crypto projects which was only a meme at the time

Astronauts suffer a lot of health issues on Mars Planet missions. How can we avoid major impacts on their health? Space explorers on Mars Planet missions have to battle deep-space radiation, the impacts of microgravity and the pressure of isolation and

These virtual reality tools are helping students to get hands-on with immersive learning. With online learning extending the scope of immersive learning, virtual reality tools are accelerating the adoption of online learning. Virtual Reality is the current effort to make a

Gaming on blockchain will give the best immersive games. Since the advent of mobile, gaming has achieved new heights. Player numbers throughout the planet have taken off lately, accelerated by the convenience and flexibility of online choices. Contrasted with the pre-mobile

Not sure whether artificial intelligence is matured enough to reach human emotions Artificial intelligence can gauge your emotional reaction to advertising and your facial expressions in a job interview meeting. Yet, if it would already be able to do this, what