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Author: Priya Dialani

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Robots are now an indispensable tool for many Businesses Robotics technology impacts each part of work and home. Robots today can possibly change lives and work practices, raise proficiency and security levels and give enhanced levels of service. Considerably more, robotics

Why is the US Army developing a pair of AR goggle for military canines? Smartglasses are viewed as the next big discovery for wearables that will filter into our day-to-day lives. Placing valuable connected features before our eyes is a challenge

The Internet of Things opens up a universe of opportunities for the future of organizations, environments, and lives  We’ve all found out about the warning signs: contracting polar ice covers and rising ocean levels, holes in the ozone layer, and record

The secret of keeping Open Source Software secure.   According to a research from Synopsys, open source code is a piece of generally 99% of commercial codebases. Most engineers lean toward utilizing open source programming due to its flexibility and the movement

Some facts that business leaders should consider before deploying Machine Learning.   Organizations across different industries are rapidly embracing machine learning. We regularly hear about tech organizations like Facebook that utilize machine learning in different regions, from targeted advertising to photo tagging.

The amalgamation of edge computing and 5g will drive new set of expectations. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we all are staying inside, consuming overflowing amounts of data consistently. In 2018, worldwide mobile traffic added up to 19.01 exabytes every month, as

In May, a spike in the number of Ransomware operations was reported.   Over time, ransomware attacks have developed, adopting more stealthy and refined methods, while simultaneously fixing many of the implementation mistakes that previous cycles had. A few attacks are currently