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How Video Data Analytics can help OTT Platforms Like Netflix, Hulu?   Over-the-top or OTT media is the new drug! In the light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, people who are forced to follow the lockdown and social distancing mandates have found

How can Network Automation help Organizations?   Cisco defines Network automation (NA) as a process of automating the configuration, management, testing, deployment, and operation of physical and virtual devices within a network. At the fundamental level, network automation solutions help shift the

Key areas to focus on when your organization develops a chatbot. A chatbot is an AI tool that uses natural language processing algorithms to understand what the users are trying to convey to them by mimicking human behavior. Several companies are

An overview of the impact of machine learning in a supply chain network. Supply chain management is one of the most complex business processes. It requires a considerable amount of proper and careful planning. Else a single loss of shipment can

Why does the IT industry need to adopt DevOps? What is automation related to DevOps? What is its role in the DevOps lifecycle? Automation is the answer to implementing DevOps and ensuring that it delivers. DevOps, which has gained enough traction

Blockchain is hyped to be a solution to all our security concerns, yet it is still prone to malicious attacks by hackers. Blockchain has been hyped as a one-stop solution to all incompetent information processing systems. Even advocates of this distributed

VR and AR are swiftly transforming every industry While it might seem hard to believe, but Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been around for decades, we are yet to witness their mass adoption. However, thankfully due to decreasing