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Author: Preetipadma

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How Supercomputer helped in identifying the green cover in Sahara? Supercomputers are known for their impressive feat of carrying complex calculations, understanding earthquakes, folding proteins, recreating models for research, testing nuclear weapons, and more. Now, NASA scientists are using it to

Earlier this year Cornell published a paper on how soft robots can protect themselves from overheating   Robots today are capable of numerous exciting things. From lifting cargo at ports to assembling car parts, from performing precision surgery to delivering pizzas, robots

University of Bristol and University of Manchester have found ways to improve AI cameras.   Today, security cameras use artificial intelligence and neural network algorithms to recognize different objects in the image, in real-time accurately. Some of these cameras can not only recognize movement but

Understanding the basics of Symbolic AI   Currently, artificial intelligence is dominated by neural networks, machine learning, and deep learning. But earlier, it was all about classical AI or Good, Old-Fashioned AI (GOFAI), or popularly known as symbolic AI. This branch of

Understanding the Benefits of Machine Learning in MRI scans   Applications of machine learning are so common nowadays that people don't even pay much attention. But did you know machine learning can also help detect health anomalies and conditions, which can help

Can Kiwi organizations successfully leverage AI to solve their pandemic woes? Artificial Intelligence is the defining technology that has the power to boost a nation to new heights. This holds true even for the Australia-Pacific region too. In New Zealand, companies

Researchers have built a Robot than can Expand and Contract   Robotics' field is full of potential; hence, it often brings astonishing yet enticing applications to the table now and then. Though robotics today is no longer limited to gigantic arms at