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Author: Monomita Chakraborty

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Many researchers have developed methods to monitor the robotics industry using RL as a result in the recent victories of deep learning and reinforcement learning. Consider a future in which robots are so ingrained in human culture that they are as

Developments in the IT department aren't solely due to technological advancements. Every business strategy today includes information technology as a critical component. IT is used by anyone from multinational companies with mainframe database management systems to smaller firms with a single

This is a phenomenon that is afflicting the IT industry, which is seeing heightened attrition, inflated wages, and dropout rates as talent tries to make the most of a favorable situation. It has come to light that Indian IT companies are

As the world reluctantly expands, data and analytics growth is expected to continue into the current year. By having a deeper view of the market, data and analytics assist companies in being ahead of its competitors. Without data analytics, it's fair

Your multiple demand system gets activated in the brain when reading a code Software engineers may have to read code in programming languages, however, it's not the language-processing part of the brain where blood flow increments during the movement. Some fascinating

Purdue University are working on a probabilistic computer that could cross the void between classical and quantum computing to solve various issues more efficiently. Quantum computing is a field of research that focuses on developing computational technology based on quantum mechanics

Due to the global pandemic, the world is facing a computer chip shortage. Thanks to the global pandemic, the world is facing a computer chip shortage. Furthermore, during the pandemic, customers loaded up on smartphones, gaming systems, and other electronic goods,