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Google has announced its planning to bring Generative AI to Gmail and other products Google announced plans to incorporate more of the technology into the majority of its products, including some advanced AI features in Gmail, boasting in its earnings call

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT came up with a new AI tool to detect AI-generated text OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT unveiled an AI tool to identify whether written works are produced by artificial intelligence Tuesday.  Recently OpenAI's chatbot, ChatGPT has

ChatGPT is no more an author as Science journals forbid including AI as a co-author Spotify took around five months to gain a million members, Instagram took two months, but ChatGPT barely took five days to get a million subscribers. Due

Microsoft's latest survey says people are ready for having AI tools like ChatGPT at the workplace The American technology company, Microsoft claims to have recently surveyed 2,700 employees and 1,800 corporate decision-makers in the US, the UK, and Japan. They were

Microsoft’s new AI tool helps developers in creating code quickly, intelligently, and effectively Microsoft’s New AI tool is adding a new chapter in AI innovation. Microsoft has been steadily improving its code-writing and generative AI program, GitHub Copilot, in light of

Microsoft has announced its partnership with OpenAI to Speed Up the development of AI Microsoft, a major player in technology, has said it will make a "multi-year and multi-billion investment" to continue its collaboration with AI start-up OpenAI. Just a few

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella feels that AI will redefine work and it is good for humanity The chairman and CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, thinks that the "golden age" of AI is already "underway" and that AI will redefine work and