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ChatGPT listing as author on research papers made scientists unhappy and raised a debate situation Now OpenAI’s ChatGPT is an author of academic papers. The artificial intelligence-powered chatbot ChatGPT has taken the world by storm and has taken the next step

Artificial Intelligence reveals how the Doomsday Glacier in Antarctica Is Deteriorating The Thwaites Glacier often referred to as the Doomsday Glacier and roughly the size of the state of Gujarat is being harmed as it flows from the center of the

Microsoft's new AI bot can listen to a voice for 3 seconds, then mimic that voice A group of tech giant Microsoft researchers has developed an innovative text-to-speech AI model VALL-E. After getting trained, Microsoft's new AI bot can almost precisely

Scale AI layoffs- Hot AI startup, valued at $7 billion, has laid off 20% of its staff Scale AI layoffs- Software development company Scale AI cuts 20% of its workforce. Recently the company announced massive tech layoffs in mid of the

Cybercriminals are leveraging AI to generate hacking tools and write Codes for hacking In today's tech-driven world, cybersecurity is a day-to-day operation for many businesses as the cases of cyber-attacks are constantly increasing and now cybercriminals are leveraging AI to perform

OpenAI has recently released ChatGPT which is gaining more attention in the Market A chatbot named ChatGPT that provides responses in simple, direct prose was introduced five weeks ago by the artificial intelligence lab OpenAI in San Francisco. More than 1

An AI robot will defend a human in court for the first time in history next month If 2022 was the year of artificial intelligence thanks to the introduction of ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Google's AI LaMDA, then 2023 won't be far