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Killer robots can bring the hostile situation to Australia through autonomous weapons systems Australia’s recent decision to adopt ‘killer robots, which are basically a part of the family of lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS), is causing much concern. It is being

Meta and Microsoft should be careful of the crypto king, Yat Sui, set to crash their digital dominance Call it digital dictatorship or oligarchic control, the global tech conglomerates have been facing this accusation for a considerable period of time. Obviously,

AI rapper Meka is ready to be a popular rapper in the music industry to earn millions of followers If you are already familiar with AI Rapper FN Meka, it might not be as surprising as he is becoming famous very fast

Coinbase’s initiative to protect Ethereum users during the Merge upgrade is raising suspicions Coinbase’s latest decision and the official announcement to suspend ETH transactions during the phase of the Ethereum Merge Upgrade has gone beyond the initial shock and has given rise

Are you sure Apple protects user data privacy? online pharmacy no prescription pharmacy Recent activity fails to show it for TikTok The popular big tech company, Apple, has created a storm in the global tech community by threatening to

Ethereum Merge is set to bring the happy days back to ETH investors with its new facilities Finally, a piece of good news for Ethereum or ETH investors in the months of August and September 2022--- Ethereum merge or Ethereum 2.0

Communicate effectively with your pets with the advancements in AI models in the future A piece of good news for all animal lovers--- you can get a chance to talk to your lovable pets in the nearby future. The impossible thought