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Author: Disha

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Global Tech Outlook provides a list of top lucrative robotic funding in September 2021 Robotics investments in millions of dollars are creating ample opportunities for robotics start-ups to build robots to enhance productivity as well as yield higher revenue for the

Global Tech Outlook features the latest fintech funding in 2021 to drive the future of finance Being a developing country, India has realized its potential in the fintech industry owing to digital transformation and advancements in cutting-edge technologies like IoT, artificial

Global Tech Outlook explores four non-AI technologies that are essential for AI development The emergence of artificial intelligence has completely transformed the workflow of several companies and factories. Society is reaping the benefits of smart functionalities of artificial intelligence through multiple

Global Tech Outlook lays an emphasis on the effect of cloud computing on data science Cloud computing and data science are two of the most essential disruptive technologies in the 21st century. Organizations across the world have realized the importance of

Essential steps to be followed to crack a cybersecurity job at Accenture in 2021 The future of cybersecurity is thriving in the global tech-driven market to protect confidential and sensitive data from malicious cybercriminals. Aspiring candidates are highly interested to know

Global Tech Outlook analyzes how the public sector in India is harnessing big data The public sector in India has identified that leveraging big data and data analytics can drive the growth of the economy in the future. The data-driven culture

Global Tech Outlook explores the top interesting robotics workshops to attend in 2021 Students are highly interested in other fields of technologies, especially robotics, besides the traditional engineering courses. Robotics is one of the major disruptive technologies that can transform the