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Author: Disha

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AI with automation and voice technology can enhance the standard of living of chicks Artificial intelligence (AI) has started focusing on animal welfare including poultry farms in recent times. Farmers can leverage AI for its voice technology with a deep learning

Bored Apes are now grooving with the tunes of rappers like Eminem and Snoop Dogg The global crypto market is aware of BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) facing some serious allegations from conceptual artists in recent times. But this has not

This AI supercomputer from China is creating a storm in other nations with other AI models China is making huge progress in the artificial intelligence domain. What happens when their paths converge in the form of AI models? If it sounds

Get ready to listen to creepy and haunting songs from an AI model invented by the Idaho State University Yes, you have read it right--- an AI Song Contest! The constant advancements in the innovations of cutting-edge technologies including voice technology

Dead relative talking digitally? Is Amazon crossing the limits with Alexa to be a tech leader? Our life is being embedded with artificial intelligence (AI) in any which way we can imagine. Now Amazon comes up with a new top-up in

Snowflake’s Native Application Framework enables developers by offering a platform for building, monetizing, and deploying data-intensive applications in the Data Cloud Snowflake Marketplace expands to offer applications, allowing customers to discover and install applications natively within their Snowflake accounts

Emotion recognition is unethical, Microsoft backs out from toxic tech domination Two vital issues acquire central importance in this article. First is the declaration that the AI-powered ‘emotion recognition’ is “unscientific”. Second, as a consequence of this tech declaration, in turn,