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Author: Astha Oriel

  /  Articles posted by Astha Oriel
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Virtualization is a software-based virtual application operating multiple virtual systems on a single network. With the new-normal, organizations are rendered to look for options to continue operations. With remote work, the employees face challenges such as bad network connectivity, limited storage,

Existing barriers must be addressed for the security of the cloud platform amongst organizations.   Cyberattacks are a major challenge encountered by organizations while moving to the cloud-platforms. Over the past few years, the industry has witnessed an accelerated adoption of cloud

SaaS is a flexible monthly subscribing model that eliminates the need to maintain hardware. The COVID 19 outbreak has compelled every organization to work remotely. This means that organizations which were earlier sceptical about adopting cloud services have now realised cloud

As Congress is already pushing for stricter reforms, the fate of big tech giants will be contentious.   Citizens of the United States of America have finally elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be the next President and Vice President of

Existing 5G networks and towers are hampering the prediction in the traditional weather forecast models. The sweltering conversation about weather forecast getting impaired due to the 5G network is hitting every corner of the world. Weather Forecast is a very reliable

With Smart Technology, the appearance of traditional homes becomes aesthetic. A decade ago, the possibility of having a home governed by technology seemed like a distant dream. But since the digital transformation permeates every sector of human life, having a tech-driven

Virtual reality and augmented reality have revolutionized the gaming industry.   Games! They have been the notable form of entertainment pursuit for human civilization. In the Stone Age, the games humans played using shrapnel and wood sticks taught them to hunt and