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Incorporating the machine learning model helps in addressing the challenges for conducting examinations in COVID 19.   Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that enables the system to process many datasets, analyze this data and autonomously perform the tasks so

Computer vision enables improved infrastructure and effective governance across smart cities.   Computer vision is a technology that enables the computer to analyze, see, and understand digital images and videos so that insightful information can be extracted to perform various processes. Like

By incorporating edge computing, healthcare and manufacturing sectors are reaping the maximum benefits. Edge computing is the new technique through which data can be accumulated, analyzed, handled and stored effectively. Gartner defines edge computing as "Part of a distributed computing topology

Predictive analytics detects the vulnerable areas of the system and ensures cybersecurity across the system.   An unsolicited incident of data breach exposed the personal data of 2.8 lakh students in India recently after the AWS server of a renowned educational institute

Evidential distribution allows the neural networks to crunch the data and display confidence in the data's quality. With the invasion of artificial intelligence across the industry, deep learning neural networks are extensively applied by organizations to make informed decisions. First proposed

Empowered by the AI-enabled chip, the Phi-Sat-1 satellite automatically discards images of earth obscured 70% by the cloud. Artificial Intelligence is the most appealing technology of the present era. With its ability to mimic human behavior, AI is getting heavily leveraged

The GPT-3 model is trained over 175 parameters, thus making it the largest language model ever created. When OpenAI’s GPT-3 greeted the world in the year 2017, humans became fascinated by it. Over the years it has become the most discussed