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Author: Ashish Sukhadeve

  /  Articles posted by Ashish Sukhadeve
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Artificial intelligence in healthcare has been an interesting issue for the past couple of years, but the pandemic in 2020 bought new challenges to the healthcare industry and has changed how AI in healthcare is perceived today. It has increased

The way we purchase healthcare is becoming more accessible to a wider group of people through the insurance technology industry. " Patient waiting times are declining and hospitals are more efficiently staffed and this is mainly because of artificial intelligence

Fastest growing pureplay B2B e-commerce marketplace in India with largest base of verified MSMEs, within a year of launch INR 1200 crore+ GTV run rate, backed by avg. 30%+ M-o-M growth with 70%+ avg. repeat transactions from MSMEs  Launched

This article features why eye-tracking is essential to marketing’s future Among Emotion AI technologies, which also include facial coding and brainwave mapping, eye-tracking is probably the best known and most widely used.   Eye-tracking technologies capture where a person is looking, what they

Text Mining and Text Analysis is the process of going through and separating useful information from meaningless data.  Have you been getting requests to fill out online surveys more often? Or have you noticed how every site encourages you to leave

Demand for data-focused jobs has been growing significantly in recent years. Many organizations are creating data analytics teams in hope of leveraging the value of data in their operations. In data-driven organizations, there are several personas that are involved in

What is a Microservices architecture?    Microservices architecture became a mainstream 5 years ago, and most technology businesses wanted to explore the possibilities of this approach. With a microservices architecture, an application is built as independent components that run each application process