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Author: Ashish Sukhadeve

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Many of you are not aware that enterprise sales strategy is entirely different from other technology sales strategy. There are selected set of procedures, decision-making processes, and rules for selling enterprise solutions. You need to have a good understanding of

The world has witnessed an incredible change in digital adoption by the Healthcare sector. Even though digitalization in the Healthcare sector has been a continuing process since a very long time, Covid-19 has completely changed the speed of this adoption.

Artificial Intelligence has served to be a blessing in every possible sector that one can think of. One such sector that’s impossible to function without Artificial Intelligence is that of healthcare. The pandemic has laid an even more importance on

To achieve complete digital transformation, companies should collaborate with IT and business teams   Digital transformation has become the home name of the business sector. It is being embarked on as a mandatory shift that businesses have to undergo to stay in the race. But the whole