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Author: Adilin Beatrice

  /  Articles posted by Adilin Beatrice
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The automotive industry is adopting augmented and virtual reality to provide consumers with advancements.   As technology intrudes automotive industry, peoples’ expectation for advanced travel vehicles keeps increasing. Consumers demand to be offered with a plethora of options in almost every segment.

Companies are embracing AI and its applications to detect anomalies and frauds in invoice process Companies across the globe are using some form of technology to carry out various business activities. Unfortunately, some of the areas like Accounts Payable (AP) and

Big data is acknowledging common problems in smart cities and addressing them with other emerging technologies. Smart city is a buzzword heard both in the technology and government sectors. Upgrading the normal city to an unprecedented development level has been a

As a silent player, Europe is moving forward in the AI race without much decoration     A couple of years ago, Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, warned that the country that leads in technologies using Artificial Intelligence (AI) will dominate the globe. He was

A Reuters report suggests that Apple is working on commercial self-driving cars   Apple, the tech giant that surprises customers with its sudden launch of new products is now on a race to make autonomous cars. A recent Reuters report unraveled the internal content

Artificial intelligence and data science are optimizing flight operations in a huge way The airline industry has been hit continuously by various situations in recent years. First, by the increasing fuel price and recently, by the Covid-19 pandemic that almost jeopardized

Biden government is expected to make the US tech industry mind-blowing again   As 2021 starts, Joe Biden, so far president-elect, will step into the white house as the President of the United States. Biden was very keen on investing and enlarging