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Image generating models create new photographs from scratch with the help of datasets   The concept of generating an image from scratch is just years old. But since their emergence, image generative models are making a breakthrough change in the digital world. Advanced

Microsoft’s patented chatbots could bring dead people back to life not as flesh and blood, but as voice. Remember the time when Martha, played by Hayley Atwell in Black Mirror’s ‘Be Right Back’ gave us all the weird feeling of wanting

AI applications in satellite imagery are used to train machine learning and make effective AI models.   Historically, space has been an industry that houses government and heavyweight airspace satellites. But the recent emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its features has opened

Executives are having a hard time adopting the tech trends of 2021 and abiding by digital transformation 2020 has been quite a year of twists and turns. Digital transformation was at the center of all the changes that the year has brought.

The automotive industry is adopting augmented and virtual reality to provide consumers with advancements.   As technology intrudes automotive industry, peoples’ expectation for advanced travel vehicles keeps increasing. Consumers demand to be offered with a plethora of options in almost every segment.

Companies are embracing AI and its applications to detect anomalies and frauds in invoice process Companies across the globe are using some form of technology to carry out various business activities. Unfortunately, some of the areas like Accounts Payable (AP) and

Big data is acknowledging common problems in smart cities and addressing them with other emerging technologies. Smart city is a buzzword heard both in the technology and government sectors. Upgrading the normal city to an unprecedented development level has been a