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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Augmented Intelligence Unfolds New Possibilities in Business Sector
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Augmented Intelligence Unfolds New Possibilities in Business Sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ruled the tech world for a long time. Now, it is time to unravel innovations in the AI sector which will enrich the usage and give maximum to the users. One such initiative is Augmented Intelligence. Augmented Intelligence and artificial intelligence are likely to be dominating enterprises by 2030.

By working together, Augmented Intelligence and AI can enhance learning, make decisions, bring new experiences, and change the overall cognitive performance in the workplace. However, Technative research unfolds that over 59% of UK workers are unaware or don’t believe that their jobs are at stake. Around 64% of UK employees say that AI is making them more efficient.

What is Augmented Intelligence?

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and human power to work, program, and function are Augmented Intelligence. By working together with the human brain, the computer intelligence can achieve stronger results from time to time. The process involves seamless collaboration between people and AI to innovate, solve problems, and improve workplace processes with precision and ease. Notable personalities like Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, and late scientist Stephen Hawkings have warned people about the implications of AI. But these worries could be easily addressed with the technological rise of augmented intelligence.

Reports unravel that AI will soon take over a large number of jobs. An estimated number of almost 30 million jobs are currently filled with the intervention of augmented intelligence. It is predicted that by 2022, AI will create 58 million more new jobs. The high-profile jobs include robot trainers, AI business development managers, data detectives, and high-level advisers.

Some sectors where human and AI work together for a better world

 GPS to aid cab drivers: For a very long time, cab drivers in London are asked to pass a grueling knowledge test to get the position. The test is designed in a way that it demands a virtual encyclopedia mastery of the London city roads. The innovation of GPS has brought a sigh of relief to the cab drivers. Now, there is no need for the drivers to take the eligibility test as GPS could help them track the location and find routes. With the help of GPS, cab drivers can enhance each journey with the feature to interpret traffic patterns and identify delays that even drivers can’t predict. Here, the drivers’ own experience and GPS technology function together for a better outcome.

Chatbots in customer service: Contact centers are the new highlight of augmented intelligence. Customer service is a never-ending busy process that requires day-to-day work and physical labor. But now, the work is done easily by the embedment of augmented intelligence in employees’ desktops to act as a digital personal assistant. Augmented intelligence in customer service provides real-time suggestions and insights as needed. It also offers a more personalized experience to consumers and makes jobs easier. Chatbots are the major game-changer in augmented intelligence services. If a customer asks simple questions, Chatbots are ready to answer it. When the question gets complicated, it redirects the customer to a customer service agent. This is a perfect example of how an augmented system could aid and, at the same time, minimize human labor.


People should get sensitized that augmented intelligence is not about replacing workers but making them more effective and allowing them to make smarter business decisions with the help of AI. Artificial intelligence sees development with the unraveling of new technologies every day. It is up to the humans to use and utilize it positively and gain a handful out of it.