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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Artificial Intelligence: Is the Pandemic Accelerating its Growth in the Present Scenario?
Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Is the Pandemic Accelerating its Growth in the Present Scenario?

Artificial Intelligence holds the promise of democratizing all the sectors, focusing on the latest techs in the present era.

Over the years, AI adoption has grown steadily, but the pandemic has accelerated this trend. Artificial Intelligence has been hailed as one of the most important inventions of the twenty-first century. It is a critical component of modern organizations that smartly incorporates data, analyzes sensitive information, and uses the resulting insights to make informed decisions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been changing every aspect of modern business while also offering great functionality to the general public through its applications. In the latest wave of digitization, both AI and automation have played major roles.

The new coronavirus has brought even more attention to the importance of digital resilience for various sectors. As a result, the already healthy rate of AI and automation implementation is expected to accelerate, as industries begin to search for technology that will allow them to be future-proof and digital-ready.

According to The Hindu Business Line, Research firm Everest Group in its latest report predicts that AI services are expected to accelerate 32% from $25 billion in 2019 to $95 billion by 2024. Nearly 72% of global enterprises have embarked on their AI journey, says the report – Artificial Intelligence Services – State of Market Report 2020: Scale the AI Summit Through Democratization.

Here are some of the examples of how AI and advanced technologies are accelerating their growth in top industries during this ongoing pandemic



The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the healthcare system as well as the rest of the planet. Because of the ongoing and complex existence of this public health issue, it’s more important than ever to have adaptable systems and solutions. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly being used and incorporated in the telemedicine and digital health industries to analyze data, produce actionable insights, and enhance healthcare.



Despite the global pandemic, the banking sector has undergone massive digital transformations. Financial institutions are quickly adapting to serve customers in a new and stable manner. From limiting working hours at physical branches to juggling the vast online workload digitally, banking has it all. The need for a seamless journey through touchpoints and the supply of technological advances have combined to create digital disruption in this sector. Growing digital acceptance, maturing consumer preferences, and increasing financial understanding are only a few of the ways the global pandemic compelled people to engage in digital experiences.



To expand opportunities, Covid-19 has accelerated the integration of technology in education. Students could work through the course material at their own speed and on their own timeline through online learning. Breaking regional barriers and resolving infrastructural obstacles to guarantee that students’ learning is not disrupted has been the most resounding achievement for the education sector during the pandemic.

It is obvious that our educational system should be ready for a future in which technology is used to enhance learning, whether in person, online, or in versatile hybrid environments. We can put learners and teachers together to construct a better model for education in the post-COVID age by concentrating the best AI minds in the world on improving AI-enabled education.