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gaming AI Artificial intelligence video game

Artificial Intelligence in AAA Video Games

How does Artificial Intelligence contribute to video games?


Almost all video games have bots or a game mode where you play against the computer knowingly or unknowingly. Even the ones who are famous for their multiplayer gameplay like Fortnite, Warzone, have bots. While talking about bots, it doesn’t only mean AAA games or demanding games. Those bots or computers are designed to play against humans in different circumstances can signify artificial intelligence (AI) in Games. It is relatively common as almost all these games have a computer mode. Its use cases and specific applications can differ from game to game. Some games may rely on using more advanced AI algorithms as compared to others.

There are several ways in which artificial intelligence and game development are expanding through each other. Even though AI makes life familiar with video games, computer games are currently being designed to analyze their patterns to improve their algorithms. Leading AI labs such as DeepMind and OpenAI uses and improves AI through its application in games to advance self-learning artificial intelligence research. Self-learning AIs like these haven’t been applied yet to commercial game development because developing these advanced AI could consume a lot of time if not more than needed for making the video game.

Is it Truly AI?

Arguably, Game AI is not true AI as the AI works with a predefined algorithm for most of the part. For those who want to analyze game AI more, look at this problem and its solution. It is not a self-learning AI as it calculates the output for different inputs; one can think how Chess AI is now operational.

The absence of identifiable jumps is when the fundamental AI is administering how those virtual elements keep moving. The AI controlling procedural framework has not gone through a revolutionary change for the long term. Julian Togelius, a partner educator at New York University’s branch of software engineering and designing, clarifies, “Two of the center segments of business game AI are pathfinding and limited state machines.”

“Pathfinding is how to get from direct A toward point B in a straightforward manner, and it is utilized in all the games constantly,” she adds.

A limited state machine is where a non-playable character can be in several states and move among them. AI in games is even more popular because it acts as an advertising instrument to a self-learning PC. It is also arguable that AI in games is more of a buzzword used as a marketing tool than a self-learning computing tool.

Differences between Game AI and DeepMind’s AI

Both Game AI and DeepMind AI are different because one can bend just enough to have a controllable outcome wherein the other is uncharted territory. Google Quick Draw, an online game created by AI researchers at Google, asks you to draw stuff and if AI guesses your drawn stuff correctly, you bag a point. This game has drastically changed for the past two years as it feeds data to increase its database. Therefore, it’s becoming more accurate day by day.

A game like Quick Draw could use these sophisticated AIs because it does not directly interrupt human performance. But the question is if it is truly a video game. The answer is no, as it is not a commercial game. However, AI researchers are experimenting with making their AI more intelligent. Your every Quick Draw play is contributing to making it better than before.

There’s a valid justification in every case why most video games, even the demanding ones, are utilizing the most sophisticated design tools and innovations but don’t utilize this kind of cutting-edge AI. It is because self-learning programming would probably make many games unplayable, either on the fields where playing the game would be excessively uncontrollable or because AI would carry on in such a manner that could make telling a story.

Game designer Tanya Short explains that game developers prioritize predictable actions. Although it’s fascinating when AI fails to predict things, it is unnecessarily super fun for players.

As artificial intelligence is an emerging ground of computer science, its commercial applications are restricted to spambots, chatbots, and visual assistants. Much more use of AI in game development and video games is expected soon. As soon as the leading game engine developers embrace and blend some of the AI algorithms, floods of games will be seen using it to make games better and quicker than before.