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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane for Human Employees in Tech-Driven Future?
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane for Human Employees in Tech-Driven Future?

Global Tech Outlook analyzes whether Artificial Intelligence is a boon or bane for human employees

The advent of Artificial Intelligence may boost productivity and yield more revenue than ever before for industries and companies worldwide, but there are some concerns in society. Is Artificial Intelligence a boon or bane for human employees in the tech-driven future? Will human employees enjoy sharing workplaces with robots and machine learning algorithms or expect employee turnover due to robots? Human employees are uncertain of the nearby tech-driven future. Yes, some reputed companies have accepted this new digital transformation and have started harnessing AI for human employees. There are inventions of so many AI models for human employees to focus on creativity and customers rather than completing rigorous mundane tasks in workplaces. But are human employees satisfied with the emergence of multiple major disruptive technologies or concerned about disrupting their workflow? This conversation has divided the tech-driven world into two parts.

The global outbreak of the disastrous COVID-19 pandemic had paused the workflow of the world for many months. It has cost millions of jobs and millions of human employees lost their jobs due to immense loss. The world started accepting Artificial Intelligence and robots to replace human employees— digital transformation. Cutting-edge technologies have replaced many services and products— landline phones, STD-ISD booths, and many more. Automation has cost several jobs throughout these recent years, especially in the pandemic. Meanwhile, companies are adopting Artificial Intelligence for human employees to avoid workplace infection. Human employees can co-work with machines to be safe from dangerous environments and get freedom from mundane workloads.

Human employees consider that this ongoing pandemic has accelerated companies to adopt automation in workplace at a faster pace. Restaurants, hotels, delivery services, hospitals, and many more workplaces are instigated to adopt robots and AI models for human employees to avoid contact with customers. Call centers are becoming obsolete due to the emergence of chatbots for hyper-personalized services to customers for higher customer retention and engagement. Educational institutes and professional educational companies have started offering Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and robotics courses to have a clear understanding and training for human employees.

Smart technologies are ushering the new age of collaboration between humans and robots with Artificial Intelligence. Reputed tech companies are focused on creating AI models for human employees to boost their productivity, even in remote workplaces. These companies are investing millions of dollars on AI models to move ahead of the cut-throat competition with business success. Digital transformation is making efficient operations, smart decision-making processes, and providing updated technical training to human employees.

Indeed, there is a controversy that Artificial Intelligence will take over jobs of human employees. But it has been observed that these major disruptive technologies have created ample new job opportunities for human employees— AI engineer, AI architect, machine learning engineer, data scientist, data analyst, chief technology Officer, and many more. Almost all companies and start-ups are offering lucrative salary packages and stability in job opportunities. There are different seeding rounds like Series A, Series B, Series D, and many more where hi-tech investors invest millions of dollars in AI start-ups to accelerate the growth of AI models in products and services.

Thus, it can be said that the emergence of Artificial Intelligence is both boon and bane for human employees— a coin always has two sides! Human employees need to brush up their technical skills to adapt to the tech-driven world and be alert about which company is recruiting for which job role.