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Artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence has found its way into our daily life and it has become so general that we don’t even realize that we use it all the time.



The term artificial intelligence was first introduced to us ago in the year of 1956 by John McCarthy at a conference which was held at Dartmouth. He was the person who first defined artificial intelligence as a science and engineering subject that can be used in making intelligent machines using new techniques so that machines can work and behave like humans. In the past few years, AI has been able to accomplish this by creating various kinds of machines and robots that have been used for a wide range of reasons including marketing business, health care, products analytics, and many more. However, many applications are not perceived as Artificial Intelligence just because most of the time we tend to think of artificial intelligence as a robot that is doing daily chores. But the truth is Artificial Intelligence has found its way into our daily life that it has become so general that we don’t even realize that we use it all the time. For example, have we thought about how Google is able to give us perfect search results or how our Facebook feed always gives us content based on our favourite topics? So, the reply to these questions is Artificial Intelligence.

 Artificial intelligence

A very common misconception people often tend to think that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are the same as they have a common field of application. For example, Siri is an application of a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. So, let’s see how these Technologies are interconnected to each other. Artificial Intelligence is the technology that helps enable devices and machines to prominently mimic the behaviour of humans. Where Machine Learning is a subset of that subject that focuses on getting machines to make decisions by supplying them relevant data. On the other side, Deep Learning is a part of Machine Learning that helps in building concepts of neural networks inside the machine to solve difficult and complex problems as human minds can do. So as a result, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are interconnected. Machine Learning and Deep Learning are the heart of Artificial Intelligence because they provide a set of algorithms and neural relevant data to solve a problem.



 Artificial intelligence

We can categorize Artificial Intelligence into 3 parts. They are like i) Artificial Narrow Intelligence, ii) Artificial General Intelligence, iii) Artificial Super Intelligence.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence is also well known as Weak AI which involves Artificial Intelligence in some specific tasks. So, if we want to see an example, we can consider Alexa or Google Home as a weak AI because they are just bound under a few predefined working ranges and fulfils the points to come under Artificial Intelligence. We can also see other examples of the application of Artificial Narrow Intelligence. Those are finding optimal routes on Google Maps, the robot Sophia, the face detection of a Smartphone, the Autopilot feature in a Tesla Car, etc.

Now, come to the point of Artificial General Intelligence. So, this is also known as strong AI that makes a machine able to accomplish sophisticated tasks that a human can do. As we know that machines don’t have their life and independent reasoning and processing system so it’s quite hard to make a high-level computation system that can help a machine to make optimal decisions like a human being. Once Stephen Hawking said that strong AI can have the power to redesign itself and a limited number of human beings could not compete with that fast-increasing rate of growth.

In the end, Artificial Super Intelligence is pointing towards a time where machine capabilities can surpass human abilities. Although it’s superficial or hypothetical right now.



Now, let’s know what is the application of Artificial Intelligence in the real world. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence can have the ability to spot a solar system that is light-years far from us, it can write prose and poems and even it is covering the other possible segments in the industry. As a real-life particular example, we can see, J. P Morgan Chase Contract Intelligence is able to analyse and extract the much-needed information from any kind of legal documents. It’s not only working accurately but also reducing the required time in a slash. IBM Watson is also an AI machine that’s widely used in the segment of medical diagnosis. Where Facebook is using this Artificial Intelligence to detect the faces and to smartly suggest and tag the people. On the other hand, Twitter is using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to point out hate speech or any kind of undesirable threats. Our most used thing is Google Search Algorithm that’s also based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. This is the most common example where we are getting the best relevant results on a quick search. One of the biggest applications of Artificial Intelligence is at Tesla Cars that helps the car drive automatically on a lane and it has the ability to guide the driver for getting a safer driving experience.

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