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Apple’s Recycle Robot Is Winning Hearts Over the Internet

  /  Latest News   /  Apple’s Recycle Robot Is Winning Hearts Over the Internet
recycle robot

Apple’s Recycle Robot Is Winning Hearts Over the Internet

The Daisy Robot, Apple’s own recycle robot is now winning hearts across the world.

A 33-foot-long robot called Daisy, manufactured by Apple Inc. has amazingly turned out to be one of the most liked robots across the globe. There are two Daisy robots present in the U.S and the other in the Netherlands. Apple is currently focused on changing the way electronic waste is recycled. The Daisy Robot dissembles the iPhone, recovers and reuses the minerals extracted, and recycles them. The new mines are needed as there is a rise in demand for electronics around the world.

Daisy removes an iPhone battery in four steps with a blast of 80 degrees Celsius air. Then the screws, modules, haptic modules pop out from the blast.

According to several expert mining executives, with the rising popularity of electric vehicles, newly mined minerals will be needed on an even larger scale and Apple is successfully carrying it out. Besides, the company uses recycled tin, cobalt, and many other products which are natural minerals. It has now purchased carbon-free aluminum from a joint venture between Rio Tinto and Alcoa.

Daisy can tear apart 200 iPhones per hour and the collected components will be sent to recyclers to extract minerals.

According to the latest news, Apple is now ready to share its technology with others including electric automakers. The company is now focusing more on making products repaired rather than recycled.

These robots are eco-friendly and fulfill the requirements of humans by recycling mobile phones. These robots bring a drastic change as they will lessen the use of minerals as they collect minerals from disseminated phones.

Recently, the company announced its newfound interest in progressing towards more sustainable means of business operations. Apple announced that it’s now powered by 100 percent renewable energy via purchasing green bonds and investing in renewables to use in its supply chain process and physical infrastructure.

Not just Apple, several other large-scale technology companies are using forward with sustainable means to reduce pollution and promote a sustainable future for the upcoming generations.

The Daisy Robot is one such initiative towards a more fulfilling and wholesome future.