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Apple Doesn’t Care About Your Security! It Almost Fired an Employee for Sharing Privacy Tips

Are you sure Apple protects user data privacy? Recent activity fails to show it for TikTok

The popular big tech company, Apple, has created a storm in the global tech community by threatening to fire a hardware engineer, Paris Campbell. The hardware engineer has posted a TikTok video on privacy tips related to Apple, but it has apparently breached the tech company’s policy. She has identified herself as an Apple employee and gained more than 7.5 million views in one day. The hardware engineer has been serving Apple for six years and tried to help another victim whose iPhone got stolen at Coachella Festival. The main motive of the Apple hardware engineer was to share tips on data privacy for stolen Apple phones to help the world in protecting its data privacy from the dark web.

The viral TikTok incident took place after the Coachella Festival victim sought suggestions to remove the iPhone from the Apple ID. The criminals have started sending threatening messages to send personal information to the dark web while breaching their data privacy. Paris wanted to help her with some useful tips by mentioning her workplace and work position. She explained the feature of iPhone Activation Lock to ensure the victim that those cybercriminals will not get sufficient access to her information for the data privacy concerns.

The Apple management got hold of this TikTok video and ordered their hardware engineer to delete the video with the condition to fire her. It has been evident that Apple does not care about the user data policy but only is focused on their data privacy. The Apple management can hold the power to fire its employee for helping a victim of data privacy chances. Meanwhile, the tech company is known for its social media policy where it warns its employees to post anything against any stakeholder or information. There is a loophole that Apple has not considered anything about posting technical help on social media platforms like TikTok.

This shows that a tech company like Apple cannot help any user with a valid data privacy issue. It will only focus on its brand and its well-being in the global tech market with smartphones and devices. This hardware engineer tried to extend a helping hand to give advice on data privacy but the tech company is against it. She is still waiting for the management and expressed her views on TikTok to her followers. Apple needs employees like Paris to retain the brand name and loyalty through effective customer service. But it seems like Apple does not want any handy tips to go out in public for the welfare of the Apple user community.