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Another Tiktok Clone! YouTube Shorts Will Soon Stomp Over the Heart Stealer

  /  Latest News   /  Another Tiktok Clone! YouTube Shorts Will Soon Stomp Over the Heart Stealer

Another Tiktok Clone! YouTube Shorts Will Soon Stomp Over the Heart Stealer

Another probable Tiktok clone! YouTube Shorts is making difficult for Tiktok to reigns the short-video king 

YouTube Shorts, another rival of TikTok, is now rocking the world! Given the success of Instagram Reels and TikTok,  YouTube doesn’t seem to want to be behind the game. So, last September, it decided to dive into short-format content via YouTube Shorts, a social platform that quickly plays 60-second videos hosted on the YouTube app. According to Shorts product, social media giants wanted to unleash a new path for creativity. YouTube Shorts has helped millions of users tp share and create 15-60 second videos on any topic. Meanwhile TikTok has included Douyin, another app for the Chinese market, with over 300 million monthly active users. The new app logo is a fusion of the Duyin and logos. 


Is YouTube Shorts the New TikTok?

In general, YouTube Shorts is an extension of YouTube and has its own identity as TikTok, so you can literally call YouTube Shorts as the Tiktok clone! YouTube Shorts works in conjunction with TikTok as a short-format video platform, but according to Google’s services, integration of Shorts with YouTube’s broader ecosystem is a key selling point. 

Ironically, YouTube is exploring ways to emulate the format of TikTok, so TikTok is experimenting with formats that are closer to the traditional focus of YouTube. As a result, TikTok has tripled the maximum video length for everyone to 3 minutes and has slowly developed apps on TV platforms such as Fire TV and Android TV.  

At a glance, YouTube Shorts certainly has many TikTok features, but the developers of the latter do disagree with with several YouTube Shorts frameworks. The way TikTok works is quite an industry-wide standard than the point of view of any single app. Even though YouTube is quite late to the short-form content game, it has the strong brand of YouTube behind it. Thus, saying that “YouTube Shorts is the new TikTok” doesn’t even qualify in terms of the US$100 million fund sanctioned for the creators of YouTube Shorts.


TikTok has some features, but YouTube shorts don’t 

  • Stitch and duet features that allow users to add videos from other creators to their account.
  • Question and answer function to leave questions that creators can answer in the video. Creators can also reply to comments. 
  • A detection tab that helps users view trending sounds, effects, and hashtags.
  • A scheduling tool that helps creators plan when to release a short film. 
  • An option to choose whether the video is for kids. Or if you want to limit your videos to viewers under the age of 18.  
  • You can also edit it after publishing. 


YouTube Shorts vs. TikTok: Which One Is Better for Short Video Promotion?

One of the differences that may determine the success of YouTube Shorts is that it is not a traditional social media app. While Tiktok entices users to create, watch, and even share videos with friends within the app, the YouTube Shorts format is pretty different from TikTok. Since YouTube doesn’t have this simple method of direct messaging and isn’t wholly dependent on creating, sharing, and watching Shorts, it looks that it may have a hard time keeping up with TikTok’s success. 

Another drawback of YouTube Shorts in this comparison of YouTube Shorts vs. TikTok is that Shorts isn’t available through a dedicated app like TikTok. Thus, even though it keeps up the promise of creating, watching, and sharing both long and shortform content, it may turn away those who prefer focused access to quick content. Regardless, with YouTube Shorts now starting to become available to more users, the battle in the viral video market with TikTok will surely heat up. Before giving you our opinion on which is the better platform for short video promotion, go through the following conversation first. 

 Shorts was a logical advancement and expansion of YouTube. Unlike TikTok, Shorts has some features. Among these features is the extensive audio library content, the greater scope for users to remix and create duets and stuff from scratch. Undoubtedly, you can’t deny the experience of YouTube in terms of access to partnerships with the music industry and licensing. 

 Thus, keeping all these factors in mind, we’d like to conclude that both the YouTube Shorts and TikTok are great and considerable platforms for short video promotion. Still, we’d like to place YouTube Shorts in the upper place due to its global availability. Whereas TikTok is already banned in certain countries. The platform that is most used also depends on the audience base in that country. Suppose TikTok is primarily used in certain countries and places that brands want to promote. In this case, we recommend using TikTok for short video promotions. The reverse is also true.



Here are the details of YouTube Shorts and Tik Tok. YouTube wants to advance the new platform and have a chance before TikTok, so it’s much more likely to prioritize shorts and introduce shorts to a wide audience. As this year goes on, it is believed that we are still given a short video platform that will be popular with creators, marketers and consumers.