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An AI Robot Is Now Going to be Our Lawyer in Court

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  An AI Robot Is Now Going to be Our Lawyer in Court

An AI Robot Is Now Going to be Our Lawyer in Court

An AI robot will defend a human in court for the first time in history next month

If 2022 was the year of artificial intelligence thanks to the introduction of ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Google’s AI LaMDA, then 2023 won’t be far behind to create a lasting impression. Artificial intelligence-based applications have started to progressively become a part of our lives, and soon they will be an indispensable component.

This time an AI robot will take part in the legal court to defend a person next month.

AI legal chatbot company is going to participate in the live court proceedings when the app DoNotPay will help the defendant to what to say and when during the entire hearing. According to reports, the AI robot will represent a human in court next month. A robot will participate in a courtroom for the first time ever in human history. According to media sources, DoNotPay’s AI will assist a defendant in court by directing him as to what to say and when throughout the entire hearing in February. The defendant will launch the DoNotPay app, where the robot will set out all of the court’s reasoning. Although, the company of the DonNotPay app has kept the location of the court and the defendant veiled.

What is the DoNotPay app?

DoNotPay is a legal services chatbot that was created by British-American entrepreneur Joshua Browder in 2015. It offers clients legal advice, assists them in writing legal letters, and offers suggestions for any legal issue. The so-called first robot lawyer in the world will begin offering AI-based legal advice in 2021. The business will take part in the live court proceedings where the defendant will be given advice on what to say and when during the entire hearing via the DoNotPay app. The defendant’s smartphone will open the AI chatbot in the courtroom, where it will listen to all of the proceedings.

When the defendant receives artificial intelligence guidance at a court hearing in February, it will be a first. The technology comes from the business DoNotPay, which was established in 2015 by a first-year Stanford University student with the intention of appealing parking tickets. The first robot attorney in the world will run on the defendant’s smartphone, listen to discussions, and give its client advice on how to respond during arguments. Still, According to the report, the defendant’s name, charges, and courthouse location are all a secret. When Joshua Browder first introduced the technology, he designed the robot to appeal parking penalties in the UK. Since then, he has spread the concept to the US.

But because it was created as a chat interface, the bot would ask you questions to learn more about your situation, like, “Were you or someone you know driving?” or ‘Was the parking signage difficult to understand?’ The robot evaluates your responses, determines whether you are eligible for an appeal and if so, creates an appeal letter that can be sent to the courts. The February court hearing will follow a similar pattern, but the defense team’s client will be given advice on what to say next by the prosecution as they converse with the defendant.