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Amid Duplication Lawsuits, Meta Losses its Greatest Asset: Sheryl Sandberg!

  /  Latest News   /  Amid Duplication Lawsuits, Meta Losses its Greatest Asset: Sheryl Sandberg!

Amid Duplication Lawsuits, Meta Losses its Greatest Asset: Sheryl Sandberg!

Sheryl Sandberg, the second-in-command of Meta has stepped down after 14 years of service!

Meta Platforms’ Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and the second-in-command of Meta helped turn the business from a startup to a digital advertising empire. Her close partnership with Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg powered the growth of the world’s biggest social network. As one of the most prominent female executives in the tech industry, she has had an enormous impact on Facebook, its Meta transition, and the broader business world. Sandberg is leaving Meta this fall but will continue to serve on the company’s board. Amid numerous duplication and other charges that the company is being crowded with, Meta is losing one of its biggest assets.


Why is Sheryl leaving Meta?

Sandberg announced the move in a post on her own Facebook page on Wednesday. There are two big factors in Sandberg’s decision to leave now. Firstly, the fact that Meta’s executive team has been built up to make way for her departure and that, as the leader of the Lean In movement, she wants to focus more on philanthropy and women’s right.

Sheryl Sandberg says that the job has been an honor and a privilege, but it’s not a job that leaves a lot of time to do much else. She wishes to make more room in her life to do philanthropy and to work with her foundation. She feels it’s a critical moment for women, and it is of immense importance for her to have the opportunity to do more on that right now. It also is a moment where she feels good about the team they have built.

More recently, she has overseen operations as the company weathers a financial downturn amid a shift away from its core social media platforms into virtual reality. Sandberg said in her post that she will continue to serve on Meta’s board after leaving the company in the fall.