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Aikon Labs

Aikon Labs announces for Microsoft Teams to find and reuse knowledge from channels and conversation threads uses cutting edge AI (NLP) to extract insight and knowledge from unstructured conversation data and turns it into reusable knowledge

Aikon Labs today announces the launch of its new knowledge assistant,, for Microsoft Teams. Users can now easily reuse knowledge from public conversation channels and threads within Teams. is built using the platform to discover, organize and provision knowledge from conversations.

Aikon Labs seeks to unleash tribal knowledge that is locked inside conversations, using cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning. trawls through channels it has access to, to build a knowledge graph that can be used to create meaningful links between pieces of information. In addition, can also deliver a scheduled digest of conversations for a pre-selected set of topics. Sharing knowledge is good karma, and can assign “knowledge karma points” to users. Both the person whose message was used to address a question and the person who provides feedback on Ariv’s response receive points. The number of points for each activity can be easily configured by the team admin.

Collaboration tools are now essential for remote working, which has become the norm for millions of people across the globe. In fact, in the US, over 40% of the workforce is working from home, and the trend is expected to continue even post-pandemic. With Teams having almost 115 million daily active users, tools like can play an important role in harnessing the knowledge that is often requested and shared within the platform every day.

“Ariv means wisdom, and we decided to call our product that since we focus on the creation and reuse of information, insight, and intelligence shared within everyday conversations,” said Dilip Ittyera, CEO of Aikon Labs.

Dilip continued, “We seek to let humans benefit from the machine’s virtually limitless memory and speed of recall while allowing the machines to benefit from the judgment and subjective knowledge that humans exhibit within conversations.”

“Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive collaborative workspace to exchange ideas, share information, and create human connections. It’s where people work before, during, and after a meeting, and it supports all the different ways people engage and collaborate. Third-party apps like Ariv enhance the Team’s experience for employees to connect, collaborate, and get work done,” said Venkat Krishnan, executive director, Commercial Partners, Microsoft India.

Links to download for Microsoft Teams are available on the homepage.


About Aikon Labs 

Aikon Labs’ mission is to augment the knowledge of every worker with the use of Artificial intelligence., is an API-only platform, which uses machine learning and Natural Language Understanding to discover, organize and provision knowledge gleaned from conversations that take place within the enterprise (chats, email, phone calls, etc.) Aikon Labs have used the iEngage platform to develop both Fresh Engage, which helps customer support agents within an app, and, which helps users extract insight and knowledge from unstructured conversation data.