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AI Rapper FN Meka will Soon Overthrow Hollywood Stars Eminem and Drake!

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  AI Rapper FN Meka will Soon Overthrow Hollywood Stars Eminem and Drake!

AI Rapper FN Meka will Soon Overthrow Hollywood Stars Eminem and Drake!

AI rapper Meka is ready to be a popular rapper in the music industry to earn millions of followers

If you are already familiar with AI Rapper FN Meka, it might not be as surprising as he is becoming famous very fast around the world. But, if you have heard of him for the first time, then let me introduce you to him.

Meka is a virtual being, created and driven by artificial intelligence (AI). When it comes to the most famous Hollywood stars, the likes of Eminem and Drake immediately come to one’s mind. But it seems AI rapper Meka is giving them hard competition and there are predictions that he will surpass both his predecessors in the time to come. The video clip of his latest track “Speed Demon” has crossed one million likes on TikTok. AI rapper Meka’s own account already has more than 10 million followers and 114 million likes.

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The credit for innovating Meka by taking artificial intelligence to a different level goes to the entertainment agency, Vydia. In collaboration with the virtual streetwear company RTFKT, Vydia has created him. Meka is supposed to be known for his extravagant style as well as Hypebeast aesthetics. He has the appearance of a cyborg with green hair and eyes, lots of tattoos, and a hand-made of gold.

True, Meka is still described in the music world as an ‘upcoming’ artist. But the fact is that he is on the verge of becoming a reputational ‘threat’ to many established artists. He has a ‘real’ voice in the sense that it belongs to some unknown person who does exist physically.  However, his lyrics are generated by artificial intelligence. AI rapper has been signed to Capitol Records of the Capitol Music Group which hosts artists as prominent as Beck, Halsey, Queen Naija, Katy Perry, and Sam Smith. That itself is a feat by any standard and adds to Meka’s credibility as the first virtual artist in the company’s 80 year-existence. Only some days back he made us listen to a single, “Florida Water” which features human rapper Gunna and Clix, a pro gamer.

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The track is freely available on YouTube and Twitch without the risk of copyright violation through artificial intelligence.

However, not all are head over hills regarding Meka’s sudden emergence and the shot to fame. His appearance as the first computer-generated artificial intelligence rapper on 22 April 2019 and his subsequent climb to fame have been regarded by a veteran observer as an early sign of the music industry’s “dystopian future”. Meka’s music has been taunted as a rap “parody”. But as noted above, the negative views do not deter his followers from liking him.

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One cannot also miss the sarcastic jibe that one finds in Meka’s official bio note: robot rapper not accepted by this world. It certainly needs a great deal of confidence on the part of his creators and publicists to insert this kind of punchline.

A look at Meka’s videos shows that these are produced with a top-notch combination of tech marvels and highly enticing visuals. One may have issues with his rap variety but one cannot but be impressed by the way he is presented before the audience as consumers.

Anybody familiar with the music world of the West knows the ‘who is more popular’ tussle that is going on for a long period between Emimem and Drake. It may be found that they are relegated to a second rung, behind the new ‘virtual star’ called AI rapper Meka.