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AI in Art: An Inception of Innovation for Artists

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  AI in Art: An Inception of Innovation for Artists
Art, Artists, Innovate, Artificial Intelligence, Doodle AI

AI in Art: An Inception of Innovation for Artists

AI tools in art provide an opportunity for artists to experiment and innovate with new ideas.

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 The application of Artificial intelligence is felt in every field, thus rendering humans for a potential loss of a job. As AI can automate tasks faster than humans, it is often debated that with the use of AI, a high chance of unemployment is lurking around. But in some sectors, like animation and digital art, the use of AI is providing an opportunity for artists to grow and flourish. The animation is a tiring and drudging process. It is not only time-consuming but induces a high possibility of mistakes, if not done properly. Similarly, designing a digital portray, picture, or editing video requires an investment of a huge amount of time over tasks that are redundant and repetitive. To counter this problem, AI-enabled features are developed by companies like Adobe and Google to make the entire process faster. These AI tools also provides the opportunity for artists to experiment with the graphics, for formulating and innovating new ideas.


Image Editing Or Photoshop

  For an artist, editing of an image requires precision, efficiency, and investment much time. The artists are often presented with a situation where editing an image devoids them from polishing their skills for a better adaptation of graphic designs. To counter such issues, the companies are using machine learning tools, that deploys specific feature faster for either coloring, cropping, or editing an image. 


Adobe’s Sensei is integrated with AI, with automated cropping features. It automatically recognizes the subject of a photo or finds the stock of similar images faster by tagging the feature of one particular image. 


Video Editing

 The editing of an average video allocates an immense amount of time. With the requirement of many features for making videos to perfection, the task of editing a video can become taxing. Thus to rectify this problem, AI-enabled video editing software helps in editing a video faster, with precision and without compromising the quality of the content. 


Adobe’s Premiere Pro, a video editing software, has an AI feature that deploys automated audio mixing. This AI also removes unwanted plodding in creative work.

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The AI feature of this software also impacts the productivity behind the scenes and adds automated general descriptive tags. 



  Doodle, which was earlier viewed as scribbling absentmindedly, has become a new trend on the internet. Over social media, doodling is now used to show emotions, dissent, agreement, and disagreement. Especially if the geo-politics of the world is to be observed over the last few years, doodling has become an emerging trend for expressing opinions and emotions. The artists who are involved in doodling are known as doodler or doodle artists. But not everyone is a doodler, nor can we draw images aesthetically. 


To address this issue, Google has introduced two AI-models, namely Autodraw and Quick Draw, that are governed by the neural networks. 

Quick Draw is a google bot, which is empowered by Google cloud services and helps aesthetically impaired individuals to draw images. Its integration with the neural network helps the artists to draw images in under 20 seconds. 


AutoDraw is another google bot that analyzes the drawing of artists and suggests the replacement of other clip arts with the existing ones. The software deploys AI technology for image recognition to identify potential objects and pair it with a database with a simplistic hand has drawn images.

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 Animation has been observed as one of the fastest emerging technologies. Now its applications are not limited to cartoons displayed on television, movies such as Toy Story and Wall-E.

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The animation is a good medium for sharing information.

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Animated videos are used in various media organizations to explain the context of the news. However, animating images is time laboring and, if not done with precision, affects the quality of the animation. Thus researchers at Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have designed an AI model that would automate the animation of cartoons. They trained the artificial intelligence model for generating new clips of a pre-historic cartoon, The Flinstones, by feeding it with 25,000 three-second clips. The researchers also involved the description and annotation in each clip, so that the AI model doesn’t generate random collage, but a short clip featuring the characters, props, locations, and time.

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