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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  AI Hits Again with Doomsday Selfies! And this Time as Requested by a Tiktoker

AI Hits Again with Doomsday Selfies! And this Time as Requested by a Tiktoker

AI is here again with doomsday selfie predictions, but its recently generated results are terrifying us

We are witnessing the ‘boom’ of image generators from any text powered by artificial intelligence in real-time. Companies such as Google, Meta, and OpenAI have jumped on board, introducing us to Parti, Make-A-Scene, and DALL-E, to name a few. So now we have new tools to unleash our creativity and create canvases, though the results can be bizarre at times. An example of this is the one-of-a-kind request made to Midjourney, a terrifyingly bizarre AI, by some users from an independent research lab.


Create “an end-of-the-world selfie” Midjourney!

Robotoverloards is a TikTok user who currently has access to the Midjourney beta and has decided to go one step further, with a series of requests with an apocalyptic tinge, rather than messing with the image generator with phrases like “a photo of an astronaut on horseback.” The phrase “end of the world selfie” was chosen by the content creator. The experiment was downright terrifying. MidJourney started producing terrifying images. Cities on fire, apparently the result of a devastating attack with weapons of mass destruction, disfigured faces whose harmful effect prevents deciphering the depth of facial expressions.

Other photos show people being photographed with the planet Earth on their backs. It’s impossible to say where they are. MidJourney’s bizarre “imagination” is quite odd. AI was also used by robot overlords to create “the last selfie ever taken in the apocalypse.” If you are one of the users interested in trying out this AI, you should be aware that the beta is now available for anyone to try out. Anyone interested in this tool can use the Discord bot to generate images based on English descriptive text. As a result, four images are produced in 60 seconds. Everyone can now test DALL-E Mini in Xataka: you can spend hours with the AI that creates images of any idea.

OpenAI, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert team, has been showing off its ground-breaking AI photo generator DALL-E for more than a year. The first generation model was capable of creating realistic and artistic images from a text description. Some of the best include an avocado-shaped armchair, Darth Vader fishing in the Arctic, and many more. Now, a group of enquiring coders asked DALL-E, ‘What will be the last selfies on Earth?’ The outcomes are truly terrifying. The AI generator’s sample photos depict apocalyptic ghost towns, a person battered with battle scars, and thick smoke in the background, most likely caused by a nuclear bomb explosion. Another image shows a girl taking a selfie while a massive fire engulfs an area and thick gray smoke fills the background.

With each passing year, humans consume more resources than are required to survive, putting severe strain on the planet’s ability to sustain itself. Furthermore, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war is having a negative impact on several countries, and people are experiencing high inflation as a result of expensive fuel and food supply constraints. The doomsday images generated by AI-powered DALL-E are now an ominous sign. Some are calling it a wake-up call for people to become more conscious of every decision they make, no matter how big or small, such as throwing plastic waste on roads, not installing a faucet aerator for kitchen taps, or driving alone in a car.

Imagine how much of a negative impact the aforementioned actions will have on the planet if everyone in a city does them. If we do nothing, our waterways will become polluted with plastic waste. It should also be noted that portable drinking water accounts for only 1.2 percent of all water on Earth. And, because carbon fuel is a limited resource, it will run out sooner or later.