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AI Fake Profile Generating Tool can Make You a Fool and Steal Your Money

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  AI Fake Profile Generating Tool can Make You a Fool and Steal Your Money

AI Fake Profile Generating Tool can Make You a Fool and Steal Your Money

This AI fake profile generating tool helps scammers generate endless fake faces and imaginary strangers. 

The ability of the AI fake profile generating tool to generate fake images is not yet mainstream knowledge, but the new website ( provides a quick and compelling elucidation. It is created by an Uber software engineer to create an endless stream of fake portraits. The fake photo generator is trained based on a huge dataset of real-world images and uses a kind of neural network called Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) to create new examples.

Every time the site is updated, the network will generate a new batch of face profiles from scratch. Most people don’t understand how well the AI fake profile generating tool will synthesize images in the future. The underlying AI face generator was originally released as an open-source algorithm and has proven to be extremely flexible. Although trained to produce human faces, this version of the model can theoretically mimic any source. Researchers are already experimenting with other targets. Anime characters, fonts, graffiti, etc.

This AI fake profile generating tool technology has obvious creative uses. Such programs have the potential to create endless virtual worlds and assist designers and illustrators. They are already leading to a new type of work of art.

But there are drawbacks to the tool. Large-scale manipulation and generation of realistic images, as seen in the discussion of Deepfake (using GAN to insert people’s faces into targeted videos and often create non-consensual pornography). The fake face generator has the ability to pose a major challenge in influencing the way of thinking in modern society about evidence and trust. Such software can also be very useful in creating political propaganda and influential campaigns.

In other words, the website is just a polite introduction to this new technology. The rude awakening will come later.


GAN Faces

The GAN AI fake profile generating tool has come a long way since its invention in 2014. Produces more natural images with higher resolution than previous versions. There is a website called ThisPersonDoesNotExist that generates GAN faces. Some of them are incredibly compelling. However, GAN still produces unnatural artifacts that are easy to find if you are tech-savvy. Defects can easily be found in areas such as earrings, shadows on the sides of the face, rims of hair and beards, wrinkles, rims of eyebrows, and sides of eyeglasses.


Closing thoughts on the AI fake profile generating tool

Some DCMA email templates (available for free), GAN-generated faces (there are websites for that), some web design skills, and money to buy phone numbers and domains have enabled malicious practitioners to use their social engineering skills to create a sense of urgency (7-day deadline, legal action, etc.)  to act involuntarily on the victim.

For companies considering using the services of such fraudsters, there is no shortcut to gaining authority over the internet. Find legitimate ways to create great content, develop your network, and spread your content. Then people will provide you with a backlink. Suspicious links can do more harm than good to your website or business.