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Ai-Da can Now Become Your Art Teacher! She is a Drawing Pro Now

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Ai-Da can Now Become Your Art Teacher! She is a Drawing Pro Now

Ai-Da can Now Become Your Art Teacher! She is a Drawing Pro Now

Ai-Da, the new robot artist can be your new art teacher, who can teach you professional drawing 

If you’ve always been aware of Skynet, you will be able to recognize Ai-Da, a surreal robot that can draw people out of real-life with her eyes and pencil in her robotic hands. Named after Ada Lovelace, the world’s first female computer programmer, Ai-Da is her own artist and possesses an unparalleled ability as a robot to draw and paint visually. The invention of gallery owner Aidan Meller features Ai-Da– the pioneering new AI art movement. 

Art enthusiasts can view the works of Ai-Da in her first solo exhibition, Unsecured Futures, which will feature drawings, paintings, and sculptures. The exhibition is free and will begin on June 12th at Oxford University. 


So, how will Ai-Da look?

Ai-Da makers are using ‘Mesmer’ life-like robot technology for her head, and once finished she will have a mixed-race appearance with long dark hair, silicon skin, and 3D printed teeth and gums. Mesmer brings together the development of software mechanics and electronics to produce a lifelike face with lifelike gestures in a small human-sized package.


What will Ai-Da do?

Ai-Da is expected to draw and use her technology to merge art and AI together. Ai-Da’s prosthetic head is being carefully brought to life by specialists individually attaching hairs to form her eyebrows. She will also engage with her audience, get messages from them, and also interact with them about the emerging technology. Cameras in each of her eyeballs recognize human features – she will make eye contact and follow them around the room. Ai-Da makers say she will have a ‘RoboThespian’ body with expressive movements and she will talk and answer questions.