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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  AI Condemns Cars! It Plans to Make the World Strikingly Beautiful for Pedestrians

AI Condemns Cars! It Plans to Make the World Strikingly Beautiful for Pedestrians

AI shows us how beautiful the might look if we all stopped using cars, once and for all!

Zach Katz, an artist, and musician, virtually transforms the streets of the world’s major cities to demonstrate how the space could be made more pedestrian-friendly. Every day, he posts new creations on his Twitter account and has quickly become a celebrity among internet users, city planners, and politicians. How do we envision future downtown zones? The Twitter account @Betterstreetsai investigates this question using DALL-E, an AI that has become a web trend. Fountains, green space, rails, or even roads designated for bikes and cyclists take over the space, dramatically altering the urban landscape.

Zach Katz, an artist, and musician, is behind this account, which considers ways to give pedestrians more space in urban areas. On July 20, 2022, he shared his creations through an account created specifically for this purpose. His first photograph was of his own street in New York’s Brooklyn neighborhood. A paved street with a fountain in the center replaced the asphalt. Given the positive outcomes of this positive experience, the artist now intends to take the initiative more seriously by visualizing other such changes in a variety of cities, primarily in the United States and Australia. As a result, Adelaide, Sydney, Boston, and even Los Angeles are all set to undergo fascinating transformations.

“The most powerful way to effect change is to visualize things,” the 28-year-old told Bloomberg CityLab. Comments are pouring in beneath the posts, requesting that he create custom designs. Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Mayor Ryan Sorenson even sent him a tweet. The images appear to be inspiring council members and urban planners from all over the country. Is it, however, enough to motivate them to act?