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facebook smartwatch

A New Smartwatch is Expected: Facebook is the Producer

Facebook is planning to come up with a Smartwatch


We all know Facebook as we scroll through hundreds of feeds everyday on our smartphone. However, how would you feel if you have a Facebook Smartwatch? Confused?


Facebook has made some amazing progress from its beginnings as a delinquent Harvard student’s dorm room hack. From Facemash, to “the Facebook,” to its official public debut to its IPO, the social media platform has gone through some huge changes in a moderately brief timeframe.


Today, Facebook has 1.26 billion registered users who record 3.2 billion likes each day. The organization can likewise guarantee perhaps the best initial public offerings ever, and notwithstanding criticism that it’s dead to youth (or kicking the bucket by and large), the social platform keeps on venturing into new roads and new worldwide business sectors.


In any case, it’s simply not the organization’s stupendous $5 billion debut that denotes its prosperity as an internet monster. It’s things like News Feed, the Facebook Platform, and other fruitful experiments that makes Facebook different and individuals behind it.


As indicated by a new report by The Information, Facebook is making a Smartwatch with an accentuation on Messaging and Fitness. It might be known as the ‘Facebook Watch’ however, it’s simply a guess and not affirmed at this point. It’s quite obvious that the organization isn’t new to the universe of Smart gadgets. It has already introduced a VR headset under its subsidiary Oculus VR.


The Information states that the watch will be a standalone gadget, ready to connect to cell networks without connecting to a smartphone. The report makes it sound like Facebook needs to assemble its own smartwatch ecosystem, saying the gadget will “let wearers send messages utilizing Facebook’s services and furthermore offer wellness and health features.” The Information later added that “Facebook desires to accentuate features that use its social networking ability, for example, permitting users to follow their exercises with companions or speak with their coach” and that Facebook “plans to permit the gadget to interface with the hardware or services of fitness and health companies, for example, Peloton Interactive.”


The huge benefit of a Facebook smartwatch, through the company’s eyes, is enabling users to straightforwardly link their fitness exercises with one of the common online social spaces in their lives. Having the option to track and compare exercises and companions or talk with coaches is quite exciting when it plugs directly into your current social profile.


Talking about which, the report says that albeit the watch will run on an open-source form of Google’s Android, Facebook is chipping away at its own Operating System. What’s more, the OS could make a big appearance in 2023 alongside the second-generation of this watch. In that year, the organization is additionally expected to bring an AR Glass.


Facebook would then be accountable for running an app store, making developer APIs, and a thousand  different things. The Information additionally drops a great goody that, introductory forms of the smartwatch will run some derivatives of Android.


The tradeoff, obviously, is all of this is filtering through Facebook, which gives the organization another vector for gathering data on its users. Such connections haven’t truly been well-known with users, given the historical backdrop of ill-advised data collection. We saw this play out as of late in the backfire that followed after the declaration that, by 2023, Oculus VR users would need to utilize a Facebook account.