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  /  cryptocurrency   /  A Martian Metaverse Will Probably Take the Domain to the Next Level!

A Martian Metaverse Will Probably Take the Domain to the Next Level!

NASA is working on a Martian Metaverse to aid training exercises and create a realistic and immersive environment.

American space agency NASA recently teamed up with Epic Games and Buendea to construct new Metaverse technologies such as Virtual Reality (XR) research, development, and testing environment in order to prepare for the experiences and conditions that would be encountered on Mars. Buendia is a company focused on real-time graphics innovation and breakthroughs for XR simulation, training, and education for the future of Metaverse. The complete process of inviting developers to help design the Martian Metaverse experience has been publicized as a challenge on the Herox website by NASA. Heroux is a crowdsourcing tool for problem-solving. 


The challenge that the current Metaverse technologies aim to accomplish are the following:

Developers will be required to produce new assets and complete tasks such as designing vital surroundings for astronauts in the Martian Metaverse is a part of the challenge. This would entail using Epic Games’ Unreal Engines 5 to create the Mars XR Operations Support System (XOSS) environment. Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D engine, used by creators from various industries to create cutting-edge content. The goal of the challenge is to populate the existing Mars XR environment with 400 km2 of genuine, researched Mars geography, accurate weather conditions with Martian gravity, and existing assets like suits and rovers. 

Other challenges will include developing numerous critical habitats for metaverse astronauts, which will be recreated using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 to create a realistic world.  It’s looking for programmers who can help NASA create Virtual Reality (XR) assets and situations.

NASA will employ these in research focusing on extravehicular activities (EVAs) on Mars’ surface, used to test procedures and prepare for conditions while on Mars. The goal is to produce a realistic, immersive, and engrossing experience. Setting up camp, scientific research, maintenance, exploration, and blowing our minds are the five categories that the participants can participate in.

There will be four prizes in each category, with the overall category winner getting US$6,000. The challenge’s overall prize pool is US$70,000, divided into twenty-two individual prizes. According to the Herox Website, the competition has attracted 36 teams and 324 innovators who are working on creating a Martian Metaverse habitat.