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  /  Latest News   /  A Glimpse on Some Upcoming Robotics Conferences in 2021

A Glimpse on Some Upcoming Robotics Conferences in 2021

Check out these leading robotics conferences in 2021.

Robotics technology impacts each part of work and home. It can possibly change lives and work practices, raise productivity and safety levels and give improved levels of service. Considerably more, robotics is set to turn into the driving technology supporting an entirely different generation of autonomous devices, through their learning abilities, connect flawlessly with their general surroundings, and henceforth, give the missing link between the digital and physical world.

While robotics is not a new field, there are many advancements happening in this field with cutting-edge devices and solutions. To stay updated with such advancements, there are many robotics conferences that shed light on robotics and its future. Let’s look at some upcoming robotics conferences in 2021 you can be a part of.


IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

When: 30 May to 5 June

Where: China

The 2021 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2021) has already started from May 30  and will continue till June 5, 2021, at the magnificent Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center in Xi’an China.

The ICRA 2021 conference vows to be an incredible conference with fantastic technical and social projects. Proposals for tutorials and workshops, and organized sessions on new topics or innovative applications also take place at this conference.


International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Mechanical Engineering

When: 1 June

Where: Jakarta

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Mechanical Engineering means to unite pioneering academic scientists, researchers to trade and share their experiences and exploration results on all parts of Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering. It likewise gives a premier interdisciplinary platform to researchers, experts and instructors to introduce and talk about the latest developments, patterns, and concerns as well as practical difficulties experienced and solutions received in the fields of Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering


MED 2021

When: 22-25 July

Where: Italy

MED 2021 will zero in on smart cities and smart systems and will incorporate tutorials and workshops, a technical program of introductions, feature talks and get-togethers. It offers an extraordinary chance for academics, scientists, and industrial players working in control and automation to network together, present research and address new challenges.

The gathering will remember a wide scope of subjects on automation, robotics, smart grids, intelligent buildings, and much more.


IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC)

When: 6-9 July

Where: Virtual

The IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC) is the global conference covering different parts of haptics, including scientific discoveries, technological developments, and applications. WHC is a joint collaborator of IEEE Haptics Symposium and Eurohaptics Conference which happens in alternate years and turns among North America, Europe and Asia. The conference is a dynamic environment for sharing the most state-of-the-art research headways in the field of haptics, prompting new collaborations, productive scientific conversations, commitment of young researchers, and graphing the future job of haptic technology in improving human existence.



When: 8-12 August 2021

Where: Virtual

The 30TH IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, RO-MAN 2021, will take place virtually from 8-12 August 2021. This conference is a well-renowned forum where cutting-edge creative outcomes, the most recent developments as well as future viewpoints relating to robot and human intelligent communication are introduced and examined.


International Conference on Robotic Computing

When: 3-4 June

Where: Rome

This conference focuses on the power that enables robotics technology – robotics computing. The boundaries between computer science and robotics are becoming soft and the conference aims at leveraging opportunities that enhance robotics and its computing.


International Conference on Robotics, Automation and Non-destructive Evaluation

When: 30-31 July

Where: Chennai, India

Also known as RANE, RANE 2021 focuses on Mobile Robots. RANE 2021 is the flagship conference in the field of robotics and a global event for scientists, organizations and end-users. The current year’s subject revolves around the high-level technological developments in mobile robots in different areas like medical services, inspection etc. The event is coordinated by the Center for Automation and Robotics, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science.