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  /  cryptocurrency   /  A Crypto Building? Sure! Next Pampa 2.0 Project is Difficult but Not Impossible
Pampa 2.0

A Crypto Building? Sure! Next Pampa 2.0 Project is Difficult but Not Impossible

Be ready to stay at a crypto building as the next Pampa 2.0 real-estate project will be huge!

The highly volatile cryptocurrency market is recovering from the drastic instability of stablecoins since May 2022. Meanwhile, a real estate project in Argentina has been announced that will include the construction of a crypto building for our crypto fanatics. It will consist of a Bitcoin mining farm as Bitcoin is the topmost cryptocurrency in the global financial market. Pampa 2.0 has surprised the entire community of crypto investors as a real estate project. The construction of a crypto building may be difficult and will take a long period of time— but it is possible!


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What is the Pampa 2.0 project?

Pampa 2.0 is the new real estate project with the aim to construct a 24-floor crypto building with a Bitcoin mining farm in the basement.  It is created by an investment group in Argentina known as Newlink Capital— the first-ever real estate company to build a crypto building. The Bitcoin mining farm will help generate a proper income source for the operational purposes of the crypto building and will also cover the maintenance cost. This crypto building will help its residents or crypto investors to save some costs for themselves to spend them with smart decisions in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.

Pampa 2.0 is set to display multiple different pieces of NFT art for decorating the lobby of the crypto building. NFT art should belong to the members of the committee as well as the homeowners of the crypto building. It is located in Belgrano, an upper-middle-class neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The real estate project of this Pampa 2.0 is already pre-launched but the construction will start in mid-2022. The crypto building will consist of over 100 apartments with 2bhk, 3bhk, or 4bhk— some of these apartments are already pre-sold worth US$2,500 per square meter. Crypto investors can pay around US$120,000 for a 2bhk apartment in this Pampa 2.0 crypto apartment building.

Since the energy is inexpensive in Argentina, the electricity charge will be 50% lower than the usual with the help of solar panels, pre-heating systems, LED lights, and many more to help residents live a standard life. Pampa 2.0 will work with a specialized company for maintaining equipment for the crypto mining farm as well as solar panels.

The issue is that the function of the Bitcoin mining farm and its profitability will depend on the value of Bitcoin in the highly fluctuating cryptocurrency market. The main concern is the cost of energy for crypto investors and the residents in the crypto building, which might or might not be cost-effective for a long period of time.


Why Pampa 2.0 can be a difficult mission to be successful?

Pampa 2.0 or the crypto building will be fully dependent on the topmost cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, all the time. The global financial sector is fully aware of the volatility of Bitcoin and the sudden price changes. Bitcoin can yield a profit at one time while will incur losses at the next moment. Despite its volatile nature, almost every crypto investor and financial institutions prefer Bitcoin for seamless transactions. Thus, the developers of this real-estate project are set to deal with the pricing pattern of this cryptocurrency. The plan of Pampa 2.0 is to calculate an average price for Bitcoin over the last 12 months and utilize the average price to scale the Bitcoin mining farm. This strategy will help to enable the operations of the Bitcoin mining farm to cover 100% of the expense of the crypto building.

If there is a rise in the highly volatile cryptocurrency price, developers will distribute the surplus among residents, including paying for staying in the crypto building. But is the plan feasible? The concern is that the price will keep fluctuating immediately or long after the Bitcoin mining farm will be set up for operations. It has been speculated that it can be a difficult mission but it can see fruitful results in the end. The developers are ready for worst-case scenarios like the sudden major fall in the price that can lead the Bitcoin mining farm to stop paying for the maintenance cost or if at any point of time crypto farming gets banned in Argentina.