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  /  Latest News   /  5 Popular Virtual Reality Tools Empowering Immersive Learning
virtual reality

5 Popular Virtual Reality Tools Empowering Immersive Learning

These virtual reality tools are helping students to get hands-on with immersive learning.

With online learning extending the scope of immersive learning, virtual reality tools are accelerating the adoption of online learning. Virtual Reality is the current effort to make a simulated reality that permits the user to detect and experience a climate without really being available there. VR offers an immersive learning experience, and it isn’t as costly as you might suspect, there are many composing tools that permit the quick development of VR courses.

Virtual Reality in online learning isn’t simply one more innovative prevailing fashion. On the contrary, an ever-increasing number of companies are attempting to embrace VR-based online training. As per statistical surveying, the worldwide VR market is expected to arrive at USD 26.89 billion by 2022.

Here are some top VR immersive tools transforming the online learning industry.


Kahoot – Game Building Tool for Any Content

People need gamification, and it plays on our memory maintenance and our cognitive reward system. We can perform better in the real-world after having played around or rehearsing the activity that simulated the task.

Kahoot is an immersive platform that lets anybody gamify any content as a question and answer contest design. Not exclusively would you be able to create your own game, yet you can likewise make your presentation intuitive. During the presentation, the crowd utilizes their cell phones or laptops to give immediate feedback, offer sentiments and answer your questions.


Adobe Captivate 2019

Among the industry’s most famous quick authoring tools, Adobe Captivate has consistently been a hot top pick. It has consistently been one step ahead of other fast authoring tools with attributes that help in embracing trendy learning procedures. Also, with its 2019 update, it has become one of the pioneer authoring devices that give VR as a standard element for quick eLearning improvement.

The Virtual Reality project is essential for the 360-degree learning element offered by Captivate. As opposed to popular opinion, you needn’t bother with any sort of coding or modules. Designers should simply import 360-degree pictures and videos and add interactivities. With respect to the 360-degree pictures and recordings, Adobe Captivate offers stock multimedia resources.


360 Video Simulation

Otherwise called Immersive Videos or Spherical Videos, 360 videos provide a view toward each path, recorded simultaneously. They are recorded utilizing an omnidirectional camera or an assortment of cameras. This video isn’t virtual reality, yet immersive imagery. The outcome is a simulation that feels practical and real. For instance, you can put students inside a simulated business environment like a retail location, hotel entryway, or medical clinic waiting area. This degree of precision and meticulousness can give opportunities to help students train in their real occupation environments. This is an ideal decision for onboarding and assisting new employees with getting accustomed to new positions.


Tiger Hall

Tiger Hall is an imaginative Singaporean immersive learning platform that allows you to translate the personalities of probably the most influential and successful leaders and shakers in Asia. The content is characterized into articles, events, podcasts and meetings with a wide range of prominent experts.

What makes Tiger Hall as an immersive or experiential platform is the large number of approaches to get involved with the content. Bite-sized learning implies it tends to be essential for your day in the manner you picked: While running, cooking or setting aside some time to read outside. On top of the content inside the App, Tiger hall additionally offers access to subject matter experts direct coaching.


Light Up Learning

Looking for an additional active method to assist students with learning various structures and science-related topics? Try using one of these applications from Light Up. Utilizing Bridge Builder AR, students can plan their own bridges in AR and test their structures. With Magnet Lab AR, students can utilize the application to simulate trials to study magnets and force. Creature Safari AR empowers you to put animals in the real-world and make your home or patio a safari. Incredible for storytelling when joined with video recording for students to portray their experience.