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403Tech: Driving Business Growth by Delivering Exclusive Cloud Services

  /  CXO Insights   /  403Tech: Driving Business Growth by Delivering Exclusive Cloud Services

403Tech: Driving Business Growth by Delivering Exclusive Cloud Services

403Tech is an IT solutions provider that specializes in cloud services and security for the Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) market. Headquartered in Calgary, AB, the company helps its clients with day-to-day IT support, automation, and innovative hardware and software offerings.

Unfortunately, not every business has the resources necessary to run and maintain an effective IT support department. This is especially true when it comes to start-ups and small & medium businesses. 403Tech believes that SMBs (as small as five employees) shouldn’t have to go without IT support simply because they can’t afford a full-time IT employee or IT department. The company leverages perfect solutions for all SMBs who want to eliminate their IT headaches. 403Tech avails innovative, managed cloud solutions to help its customers succeed. The company delivers best-in-class service and technology to give its clients a high level of protection against cybercrime, while enabling greater efficiency and productivity.


Embracing Diverse Technologies to Better Serve the Clients

403Tech aims to help the SMB market with innovative and cost-effective IT solutions that they might not normally be able to get for less than the cost of a full-time employee. The company tries to fill the technological gap by using as many tech tools as possible to better serve its clients.

The main advantage of having so many options to choose from in terms of technology is that clients are able to select the trend that is most suitable for their needs. Essentially, there is no need for individuals or businesses to settle when it comes to their technology needs. However, the issue of compatibility is one of the main cons of having so many technology options to choose from.

Fortunately, at 403Tech, the core team realizes that its clients use a large variety of diverse technologies. In order to better serve its clients, 403Tech has strived to become proficient at the use of as many technologies as possible. That way, the company’s clients won’t have to deal with lackluster services as the team attempts to get past the huge learning curves associated with developing technical expertise in most technologies. 403Tech’s technicians are experts in all popular technologies, from Microsoft servers to the Android mobile operating system.


A Guiding Light

Scott Gallupe is the President of 403Tech. He started his role at the company after working for a number of businesses, including one of the leading IT consulting companies in North America. Due to his experience and expertise, Scott was able to recognize the need for quality IT services and support in the small & medium business sector. 403Tech was born as a solution to this need.


Outshining the Contemporaries with Exclusive Cloud Services

403Tech provides its clients with an all-they-can-eat cloud server environment that aids them with the necessary tools to have a functional business online. It is both scalable and secure and allows the company’s clients the flexibility they need during these challenging times.

403Tech’s cloud services give its clients an inexpensive and easy way to store and protect their data. The company helps its customers set up backup systems, servers, and networking in the cloud. Some of the other exclusive services include,

  • Cloud Spam Filtering– 403Tech delivers services related to cloud spam filterings such as email continuity, email spam filtering, and signature management.
  • Cloud Backup– The company avails a file-level backup service with unlimited retention. This allows for data recovery after a disaster. The local vault and offsite restoration to cloud server grant for a quick restore.
  • Cloud Email– Keeping the email on the cloud is not only convenient but also secure. 403Tech’s cloud email services permit clients to exchange their email mailbox and calendars with shared contacts. The Microsoft Office program will always be the most up-to-date version.
  • Cloud Antivirus– The company’s native antivirus software is management-free and will scan computers daily to keep the system secure. This software is better than the average antivirus because it blocks websites deemed unsafe and asks for user approval before permitting the website to load.
  • Cloud Document Management– This service will help clients keep track of their passwords and assets. The easy-to-use online portal will enable the sharing of network topology diagrams.
  • Cloud Security– This service will provide DNS-level protection against malware, spyware, phishing, botnets, and crypto virus. It also provides the fastest route to a destination through top-level DNS servers. This service will concede clients to block certain websites from access by employees.


In-Tune with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

403Tech strongly believes that AI has made huge improvements in the past five years to the point where people see autonomous cars and taxi fleets becoming more of a reality. The scenario is the same for big data as it allows people to access large data sets and helps them find trends and insights instantly.


Exemplifying Technology to Combat Business Issues

Being an IT company, 403Tech is forced to stay on top of the latest technologies that hit the market. The company’s clients expect 403Tech to be an industry expert and the employees are also delighted to be able to explore new technology and see how it can help solve business challenges. Through 403Tech’s technology partnerships with companies like Sherweb, DELL, and Cisco, it is able to provide its clients with the latest SaaS offerings and hardware products.


Conquering the Challenge of Stepping into a New Space

Finding great talent has been tricky for 403Tech. The company has had a tough time seeking talented individuals who are both skillful in their act and are also personable and eager to help its client base.

Another challenge 403Tech faced is diversifying of client base outside the oil and gas industry. Calgary has been predominantly an O&G city, but having all of the clients’ eggs in one basket is not a good strategy when the economy takes a turn for the worse.


Remarkable Recognitions and Accolades

Since its inception in 2011, 403Tech has been gaining massive recognition in the market for its services. Some of its remarkable awards are listed as follows,

  • Top 50 Best Managed IT Companies in Canada
  • Highest Ranking B2B Company in Canada – Clutch Award


The Transformation from Native to Cloud Models for Future

More and more companies are moving to the cloud and are not necessarily clear on how to get there. Partnering with a company like 403Tech, the employees are able to take the pain out of the transition and make it a much more thoughtful and smoother conversation. 403Tech envisions a future where in the next 10 years, the IT industry as a whole will be shifting all aspects of its functionalities to the cloud. The company is so excited to be there when it happens.