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365 Retail Markets: Transforming the Vending Industry with More Than Innovative Self-Service Convenience Technologies

  /  Uncategorized   /  365 Retail Markets: Transforming the Vending Industry with More Than Innovative Self-Service Convenience Technologies
Joe Hessling, Founder, and CEO of 365 Retail Markets

365 Retail Markets: Transforming the Vending Industry with More Than Innovative Self-Service Convenience Technologies

365 Retail Markets, a global self-service convenience technology leader has grown exponentially, efficiently and enthusiastically over the last few years, works with the top foodservice operators across the world, helping them meet consumers’ snacking and meal needs.

365’s combination of micro markets, vending, mobile, and dining technologies creates a cutting-edge point-of-service platform for any type of business or at any location. Every 365 strategic partnership includes unique technology solutions, marketing and engagement services and a dedicated, experienced team that caters to every operator’s business.

The company strives not only to continue to be the market leader but also a trusted partner. It aims to continue revolutionizing the foodservice industry and propel it into years to come.


Enhancing Consumer Experience through Innovation

365 Retail Markets has been enhancing consumer experiences worldwide by providing innovative point-of-sale technologies. It has been revolutionizing the vending industry and developing best-in-class self-service technologies since 2008.

The company offers self-service technologies ranging from micro markets to vending; mobile to dining to coolers and beyond.

In September 2019, 365 Retail Markets acquired Company Kitchen, which expanded its leadership position, enhanced dining offerings with CK’s premier customer engagement, dining, and self-service technologies. Together, they bring self-service technology expertise to new customers.

365 Retail Markets then acquired Stockwell in August 2020. This acquisition provided them with Stockwell’s retail platform that focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision.

Today, the company continues to be the global self-service convenience technology leader that provides the heart of thousands of operations around the world and brings safe convenience options to consumers when they need it the most.


A Globally Recognized Leader

The positivity and determination of Joe Hessling, Founder and CEO of 365 Retail Markets, has led 365 Retail Markets to become the global micro market leader, continuing to make a difference in the convenience industry. Joe’s operator centred tenacity and consumer guided focus has allowed 365 to create best-in-class technologies and provide unique successful partnerships to every one of its operators.


Growing with Customer Confidence

365 Retail Markets continually strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Its customers are always the best opportunity for growth; the more solutions and success the company provides, the more opportunities for growth it achieves. Some of the keys to its achievements so far are enabling strategic relationships with its customers, putting in structures to go beyond supplier/customer relationships, and building unique solutions to meet their needs.


Leveraging Digital Solutions for Smooth Operations

365 Retail Markets always experiments with the latest tools to incorporate into its products. With regards to cloud solutions, everything the company builds for its backend management portals is done in a way that ensures access from a laptop or mobile device.

365 Retail Markets understood early that its customers wanted to access the company’s data from anywhere on any device. Keeping that in mind, the company continues to expose more and more utility of its systems. Furthermore, AI is something 365 Retail Markets is leveraging more than ever before in products like Stockwell. The company also relies on big data and AI in its data centers, where its systems monitor and alerts the team to perform proactive maintenance before any issue arises.


Relying on Convenience Technologies

Joe expresses that convenience technology is the future. A major part of it is the cashless system, allowing consumers to get what they want, when they need or want it. 365 Retail Markets’ convenience technologies, innovations, and strategic client partnerships are created to be future-proofed and help the industry and its customer’s grow. Retail, especially unattended retail, needs technology to function. Being the global leader in the micro markets, 365 provides the best convenience technologies and is proactive in creating what is needed for its operators and customers.

365’s research trends enhance consumer engagement offerings. Therefore, it is proactive in developing unique solutions. Today’s convenience technologies serve foodservice operators and aim to help other industries as well in the future.


Delivering Disruptive Foodservice Solutions

Joe feels that consumers’ convenience needs to change continually. Hence, 365 Retail Markets is challenged every day to ensure that it continues to bring the most innovative foodservice solutions to people around the world.

Joe shares that 365 Retail Markets challenges are its focuses. Its strategic partnerships with the operators help the company meet the unique foodservice- related needs of each location and create complete self-service experiences that exceed consumer expectations.


Leading Global Micro Market

365 Retail Markets’ achievement is notable. The company is a part of INC. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies list for five years and counting. It has also won Michigan’s Economic Bright Spot Award for four consecutive years.

The company’s other achievements include Self-Service Innovation Virtual Summit’s Innovation of the Year (B2B), PicoCooler and Reader’s Choice Award, Innovator of the Year (Person), EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, and Krishna Vedula, COO of 365 Retail Markets. Most recently, it was shortlisted for the Industry Era’s Top 10 Companies of 2020.


Growing through Effective Communication

In Joe’s opinion, the future of retail is undoubtedly unattended. 365 is always striving to lead the industry with the best technology and service. It has been working diligently on app updates, AI technology, secured cooler technology, all of which work using one backend system throughout all of 365’s customers’ locations, big or small.

365’s biggest opportunity for growth is its customers and communication with them is open, honest, and a true partnership. They don’t just update technology for the sake of updating it but also considering its customers and consumers.