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  /  Latest News   /  10 Real World Applications of Java Programming Language

10 Real World Applications of Java Programming Language

Java was the fifth most used programming language among developers worldwide in 2021. 35.35% of developers worked with Java to build applications and solutions.

In TIOBE’s index for January 2022, Java remains the third most popular programming language with a 10.66% rating.

The above data indicates that even though there are modern programming languages like R, Python, and Go – Java remains a top choice for development.

While AI, ML, Data Analytics require languages such as Python – the need for Java prevails because of its diverse use cases for enterprises, institutes, research labs, and many more.

And Java has an unmatched active community on GitHub – and worldwide. Developers constantly learn new skills in Java to build amazing applications and focus on enhancing their career opportunities.

The popularity and activity of the community showcase the usefulness of Java in today’s world. Whether it’s an enterprise application or a software upgrade, Java development services are still one of the top preferences for people and companies around the globe.

There are several real-world use cases of Java application development. Enterprises use the programming language to build solutions with material value. And even before modern applications came, NASA used a Java web development services based program to control the Spirit Mars Exploration Rover.

This article will highlight the top 10 real-world applications of Java application development. From web to desktop, we will look at what all Java is capable of creating.


Top 10 Real-World Java Applications

 Any custom software development company worth its salt knows that Java is far from irrelevant – it is just beginning its entry into the new age of technology.

Even Oracle, the company now behind Java, reports that Java is the #1 programming language for AI, VR, Big Data, DevOps, Analytics, Continuous Integration, Social, Mobile, and much more. These are the latest in tech – and Java seems to work with them all.

Considering this, let us look at the top 10 real world applications of Java software development –

  1. Web Applications
    Java development companies are often hired for web applications – the most popular real-world application of Java. It has a great deal of frameworks, tools, and libraries to assist developers in creating dynamic web applications.Leading companies that actually work with Java for their web applications include Spotify, Opera Mini, Twitter, Nasa Worldwind, and many more. It has frameworks like Spring and Hibernate – two tools that simplify development for all types of web apps.
  2. Desktop GUI
    Swing, AWT, and JavaFX are some of the APIs that help to develop GUI applications and desktop interfaces. Since the programming language offers visual feedback, it is simple to create desktop GUI applications.The Netbeans IDE is one of the most important aspects of creating a desktop GUI. There are advanced tree models and 3D graphical models that developers can use to build such apps. Acrobat Reader and ThinkFree Office are two of the most well-known GUI apps in Java.
  3. Mobile Development
    Android applications require Java, and it is one of the most popular programming languages for mobile development. Java Micro Edition or J2ME is a widely used language for building cross-platform applications with similar features across all smartphones.Dalvik Virtual Machine is a specialized virtual machine for Android application development. It is fast and efficient. Some of the top mobile Java solutions include Tinder, Uber, Google Earth, Netflix among several others.
  4. Financial Server Apps
    Today, Java developers use the programming language to build trading systems, digital solutions, settlement & confirmation systems, data processing systems, and several other software. Finance-based server apps are a popular application of Java.There is a swift interchange of data between the client and the server, which is possible because of Java. Cash App is one of the top FinTech solutions that is built using Java, which is a wallet system for easy transfer of money.
  5. Enterprise Solutions
    Enterprise Java development is highly popular amongst companies and startups. Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is used by enterprises to develop applications & solutions. Oracle reports that Java runs on 97% of enterprise computers.Java utilizes the Java Virtual Machine, which enables developers to build secure enterprise applications. It has strong memory management capabilities that leads to higher performance. Google, HCL, Wipro are the top companies utilizing the Java application development process for enterprise apps.
  6. Scientific Applications
    Java has powerful features for mathematical calculations that make it suitable for scientific computing. It provides a secure and portable development environment to developers for working with modern-day scientific solutions.Even when there are different platforms involved, Java will deliver the same results from mathematical calculations. MATLAB, also known as Mathematical Library, is one of the most popular applications for building front-end and back-end components of scientific computing.
  7. Embedded Systems
    Did you know that the original function of Java was intended to create embedded systems? Yes, Java integrated a lot of singular systems to come together and create an interconnected system. It is a powerful programming language that can handle exceptions with ease.Two of the most popular embedded systems include Nest Thermostat and Voyager. Java experts often use the language to build interactive embedded systems, which has led to the usage of Java in the Internet of Things (IoT) as well.
  8. Web Servers
    Java application servers are similar to an extended Java machine. It is useful in managing database connections and assigning web clients simultaneously. WebLogic and WebSphere are two places where Java finds amazing applications in the commercial app zone.Java has a predefined set of APIs and components that enable the development of web servers. Tomcat, Simpoe, Rimfaxe web servers are the three widely known web servers that utilize Java development services.
  9. Gaming Apps
    The Dalvik Virtual Machine and jMonkeyEngine enable Java consultants and developers to create dynamic and interactive games. The programming language offers enormous power in terms of game development – for both 2-D and 3-D games.Mission Impossible III, Asphalt 6, and Minecraft are the three most popular games that are created using the Java programming language. The technology offers robust capabilities to add gaming components and bring new worlds to reality.
  10. Big Data Solutions
    And last but not least, Java is becoming a powerful technology to build big data solutions. It is a useful tech for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning solutions. Apatar, Apache Camel, and Apache Kafka are available to extract valuable information from data.Apart from analysis and extraction, Java also offers automatica garbage selection and stack provision system, which further simplifies working with big data. Java now has an edge in data analytics over several other programming languages.


Wrapping Up

 java application development has found its use cases in industries ranging from finance to manufacturing. It has varied real-world applications that are dynamic in nature and provide materialistic value. In the years to come, Java will definitely grow as a programming language as it is expected that the use cases will grow in the near future.