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10 Online Free Cybersecurity Courses that You can Choose in 2022

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  10 Online Free Cybersecurity Courses that You can Choose in 2022

10 Online Free Cybersecurity Courses that You can Choose in 2022

These top 10 online free cybersecurity courses are perfect for working professionals trying to advance their careers 

Cybercrime is of increasing interest to individuals and businesses as a whole, and the demand for cybersecurity professionals is higher than ever. With the COVID-19 epidemic, as more and more companies move to online platforms, the need to strengthen cybersecurity measures has increased significantly, further increasing the hiring of professionals in this area. These 10 online free cybersecurity courses offer students with the first step towards a potential new career and teach them how to protect themselves and their businesses in a technology-driven society. You can choose from several options. We’ve put together a list of free cybersecurity courses so you can choose the one that works best for you.


1. Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity

This free cybersecurity course lasts 4 hours 21 minutes and is perfect for beginners. These cybersecurity courses will introduce students to the industry, focusing on four areas: IT and cybersecurity.

  • Systems administration
  • Network engineering
  • Incident response and forensics
  • Offensive security and penetration testing

These free cybersecurity courses are taught by Cybrary Master Instructor Ken Underhill and FireEye Senior Technical Instructor Joe Perry. Experts in these industries offer one of the best cybersecurity courses online free. It is specially designed to help people on the fence find a career path that suits them. Students will find that the Cybrary platform is evolving in a logical and easy-to-use sequence with engaging on-demand video.


2. Mobile App Security

Mobile app security is one of the fastest-growing areas of the cybersecurity industry, and this short course, also on the Cybrary platform, provides users with a good overview of this particular area of ​​expertise. This is taught by Tony Ramirez, who holds a master’s degree in cybersecurity and forensics from the Illinois Institute of Technology and takes just over an hour to complete. The goal of the free cybersecurity courses is to teach students with little or no background in mobile app security.


3. Introduction to Cybersecurity

The University of Washington’s best cyber security courses online free serve as an introduction to cybersecurity for students who want to acquire knowledge in this area. It is taught by the Director of Information Assurance and Cyber ​​Security Center and is designed to last for four weeks. Students will learn the definitions and terms used in this area as follows:

  • Identifying threat actors and why they are motivated to attack
  • Understanding the types of controls used to combat the various actors
  • Describing the differences among international cybersecurity agencies
  • Understanding some of the legal challenges related to the field

Students who pass the free cybersecurity courses can obtain certification for an additional fee, but no payment is required.


4. Building a Cybersecurity Toolkit

These are free cybersecurity courses provided by the University of Washington. This course is among the 10 online free cybersecurity courses on the edX platform and is deeper than some other courses by providing useful and practical skill development tools that students can use in their professional careers. With 2-5 hours of training a week, you can complete it in about 4 weeks. Designed to provide students with the tips and tricks they need to succeed as a cybersecurity expert, this free cybersecurity course provides a realistic outlook for the industry by focusing on problem-solving and adaptability.


5. Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business

This free cybersecurity course is perfect for business people who want to understand cybersecurity from a practical and general perspective. It lasts for two weeks (7 hours a week is recommended) and provides a fact-based learning framework aimed at everyone’s understanding. From confidentiality to risk assessment to tools and protocols that can protect your business, instructor Greg Williams covers all locations. The edX platform is known for its ease of use, and freshmen will find that the user experience is cleaner than the courses they have taken in the past.


6. Computer Systems Security

Originally announced in 2014, this MIT course is completely free for everyone. It is widespread throughout the semester, but can be completed at your own pace and is taught by Professor Nikolai Zeldovich. For those who are interested in taking the best cyber security courses online from top universities, this is for you. This free cybersecurity course validates the design and implementation of secure systems and describes threat models, attacks, and tools for the highest levels of security.|


7. Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

The SANS Institute is one of the leading organizations in the field of system security. Aiming to expand the entire pool of trained professional talent, we offer it to anyone interested in the same curriculum used to train cyber security engineers around the world. The cybersecurity course does not require registration, but it does meet some basic software and hardware requirements.

A free online cybersecurity course begins with an introduction to  Linux and Windows operating systems, followed by networking and systems management. Students will learn the skills and knowledge needed to master the basic concepts of cybersecurity, strengthen their home network, and start their careers in the field. The material is updated regularly to reflect changes in both the threat situation and the technology itself.


8. Cybersecurity for Beginners

This free cybersecurity course was developed by Heimdal Security and is aimed at both home users and businesses. This course consists of 5 weeks of training and the lessons are delivered to your email inbox every 2 days, which makes it a little different from the other self-study courses on the list.


9. 100W Cybersecurity Practices for Industrial Control Systems

The Department of Homeland Security maintains an e-learning portal for anyone interested in learning more about cybersecurity from government experts. As with all courses on the platform, the cyber security practice for industrial control systems, the first product on the list,  is completely free. Also, students can choose a certificate of completion. The course covers all possible topics, including standard ICS cybersecurity practices and the training needed to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities. I also like the fact that protection is covered in both digital and physical aspects, even while traveling.


10. Cybersecurity Training

This open-source training leaves much to be desired when it comes to user experience and navigating the site may be a challenge for students accustomed to a more structured learning platform. With that said, however, the content available on the site is extensive, which is why we`ve included it as one of the best cybersecurity courses online free. There are 29 classes, 24 instructors, and 63 days of open-source class materials available on everything related to cybersecurity. Coursework in network forensics, cellular security, intrusion detection, and hacking techniques are just a sampling of what is available.