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  /  Latest News   /  10 Best FashionTech Companies Around the World

10 Best FashionTech Companies Around the World

Here is the list of 10 best FashionTech companies around the world.

The definition of fashion tech is the characterization of physical form and digital experience that converge towards your aspirational self. As fashion tech gets smarter, you will be at the center of this new universe. It will empower a more dynamic you, where predictive algorithms can give you more accurate actionable insights. Fashion tech will become just fashion. The smart in apparel will be the new norm. Wearable tech products will just become apparel or jewelry.



Founder: Johnathan Chippindale


Holition is a fashion startup company embracing technology to help retailers and brands adopt and use 3D technology and augmented reality. Holition’s latest product is what makes the company super interesting to consumers and investors alike. Their app, called ‘Face’ enables cosmetic brands to present how products look to consumers, but without using any product.



Founder(s): Kostas Koukoravas and Michael Michelis


Intelistyle is a UK-based fashion startup that has launched an innovative app in 2017. The app enables users to browse outfits online, and then sync or pair them with their own images. The brand’s artificial intelligence further recommends the best outfits for any given idea. It also works by matching online garments (from participating retailers), with the users’ physical wardrobe.


Snap Tech

Founder(s): Jenny Griffiths


This fashion tech startup has started as Snap Fashion. Initially, it was a shopping platform that allowed customers to find new garments based on shape and colour. However, the UK-based fashion tech startup firm is now expanding to include a comprehensive visual search. It works by providing dedicated tools to retailers and fashion magazine publishers, that can be included on their own websites.


Pocket High Street

Founder(s): Alex Schlagman


Pocket High Street was created to help small fashion retailers compete with giant e-commerce platforms. The concept advances a quality online platform for every shopper, which allows them to explore small retailers. Based in London, this FashionTech startup offers an open platform that connects via the internet, so small stores from all over the world could reach a wider audience, globally.



Founder(s): Veronica Cabezas, Ricardo Cuervo


This FashionTech startup aims to take on the product recommendation problem by applying machine learning to the shopping process. Genostyle, examined 5 million products, 6.500 brands and has designed a new taxonomy to categorize them, based on 15 different so-called “style genomes.” The co-founder Veronica Cabezas details the “style genomes” as glam, sporty, active, bohemian, and gothic. Customers using a style platform, receive a style code that indicates the degree to which they skew away or toward each of the styles. In the process, fashion retailers can read the data and target them with personalised offers.



Founder(s): Karoline Gross


Getting the return on your investment is always problematic but more so when your company features promotional video content on your websites with the idea of driving sales and not because hiring models, renting locations, and shooting promotional videos is expensive. Smartzer is, in fact, an interactive type of digital video player that lets users click on videos to find the garments and accessories that people wear in the movies, learn more about them and eventually buy them online. Karoline’s startup has big fashion brands in its portfolio, including Barbour, Puma, and QVC, who wanted to make their videos more profitable.


Same But Different (Thursday finest)

Founder(s): Veronika Harbick, Michael Carlson


Custom, personalized fashion is a key trend, and Thursday Finest, in partnership with Macy’s, allows people to customize their fashion accessories. From our list of top FashionTech startups in 2020-2021, this company is the only one that had a pop-up store in SoHo. There, they were making men ties and knit scarves on the spot, by using 3D printers.



Founder(s): Ben Kucsan, Ben Phillips, Kieran O’Neill


‘Thread’ is a FashionTech startup established in 2012 with the goal of assisting men to dress better. It works by mixing personal online stylists along with AI and big data insights. You begin by informing the platform of some of your preferences in fashion and how much you are likely to spend on clothes. It also includes the size of the clothes you wear and some of your favored brands and outfits you want. The personal stylist knows about users and recommends clothing which they think would fit them.


Hurr Collective

Founder(s): Victoria Prew and Matthew Geleta


Award-winning Hurr Collective is a London fashion startup. The company offers a secure and powerful on-demand fashion platform that’s using real-time ID verification, geo-tagging, and AI-powered fashion stylists. The aim of AI stylists is to help customers share their wardrobes in the safest, quickest, and fashion-forward way. The platform makes renting easy while allowing customers to manage their wardrobe in a more sustainable and ethical way.


The Fabricant

Founder(s): Kerry Murphy


The Fabricant is a digital fashion house leading the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing – wasting nothing but data and exploiting nothing but imagination. The Fabricant specializes in photo-real 3D fashion design and animation which can be used in digital fashion editorial.