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10 Best AI Chatbots to consider in 2021

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  10 Best AI Chatbots to consider in 2021
10 Best AI Chatbots to consider in 2021

10 Best AI Chatbots to consider in 2021

Chatbots are designed to alleviate the pain faced by companies today

Chatbots are designed to alleviate the pain faced by companies today. They are incredibly beneficial for companies who want the best possible customer experience to develop a positive brand image. Chatbots have become more common than ever in recent years, thanks to the developments in technology and machine learning.
As time passes by, for all various types of businesses, chatbots will continue to expand, become even greater, and eventually play a significant role in customer service. Chatbots are available for sales, marketing, or even internal process automation use cases in all sectors and business functions.
Following are the 10 Best AI Chatbots to consider in 2021 

Amplify is a new generation of artificial intelligence chatbot conversational tool that provides customized, continuous messaging-based services across a wide and ever-expanding spectrum of communicative surfaces. It’s one of the finest AI chatbots that branded virtual assistants have.
Zendesk Chat
Zendesk is designed to create AI-powered conversation streams with strong automation combined with the Answer Bot and Flow Builder technology. It helps you to customize your chatbot without writing code to answer popular client questions.
Botsify is one of the popular chatbot software for developing automated online chatbots without any trouble. It’s one of the finest AI chatbots that lets you raise profits and reduce the cost of customer service. It offers a hybrid approach that helps consumers and customer service agents to converse fluently. It offers conversation forms for the use of chatbots to gather information from your users.
Rulai offers virtual client assistants for AI that generate profits and save costs. With fast, convenient, chat-and SMS-based, human-like conversational interactions, the virtual assistants boost sales conversion rates and enhance customer experience. Rulai also interacts with most communications networks, applications for customer support, enterprise software for companies, and platforms for cloud storage.
Imperson builds chatbot solutions, which through conversation, naturally automates the customer journey. An authentic customer chat experience is provided by this conversational bot. Imperson helps you from setting the goals of the chatbot to identifying the correct voice and personality. The platform offers an integrated analytics platform of real-time feedback to improve performance with a completely controlled solution.

Ada can connect with most messaging platforms and apps for customer support, give your customers customized content, ask for customer input, and update on time, dedication, and cost savings for your bots. Ada has saved their clients’ more than $100 million in savings and 1 billion minutes of customer service commitment, according to their website. is an artificial intelligence chatbot with natural language processing that enables you to use a virtual agent to improve your customer experience. It is one of the best tools for AI chatbots, offering 100+ live virtual agents, 10m+ interactions, and 1000+ qualified trainers. It enables anyone on a scale to establish complex and natural interactions.
Vergic provides an AI-powered chatbot that can function as the first line of customer support for your companies, manage transaction – based chats, and shift more complex issues to your real customer service agents. It is like a hybrid chatbot that can improve the productivity of your workers.
Bold360 is an intelligent solution for consumer interaction that delivers actionable customer insights to SMBs and large companies to provide deeper and more customized insights in real time. The platform offers live chat, email, messaging and social media required for self-service and agent-assisted interactions to connect and help customers.
In order to prompt website visitors to ask questions, Drift is a popular chatbot program that can be added to your website. The Drift chatbot will have a planned & written conversation with your leaders if no operators are present and guide them to make a simple appointment with one of your members. In industries where individuals are doing a lot of price comparisons based on moderately complex requirements and needs, Drift appears to benefit a lot.