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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  10 Best AI Analytics Platforms for You to Use in Business
AI platform

10 Best AI Analytics Platforms for You to Use in Business

These are the AI analytics platforms you should apply in business

An AI Platform enables businesses to achieve their maximum efficiency by providing numerous benefits, such as taking over redundant tasks, providing deeper insights into data for better decisions, providing efficient data management capabilities, and much more. With businesses continually looking for ways to streamline their output, AI-powered platforms come as a godsend for them. Recent innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have not only allowed organizations to scale their business with the growing needs but also supplied them with the much-needed insight to do so.


Google Cloud AI Platform

Google offers a broad range of services to businesses that enable them to carry out their operations from the cloud, such as smoother migration to their platform with pre-configured tools, data storage services, management tools, some of the best in class security features, and much more. Google Cloud AI Platform includes all of the above while offering additional benefits such as, the option to train, deploy and manage various ML models on Google’s top of the line infrastructure using AutoML, along with access to several services and APIs such as Machine Learning Accelerators, Deep Learning, Translations, Vision API, Natural Language Processing, Video Analysis. With these tools in your arsenal, your developers and data scientists can effectively create and collaborate on AI-driven solutions for your business that can be deployed seamlessly on-premises or on the cloud.



Developed by the team behind Google Brain, TensorFlow offers Machine Learning capabilities for everyone. Available for a variety of environments such as JavaScript, Mobile, Internet of Things, and Production, TensorFlow allows Developers, Researchers, and Data Scientists to take on complex Machine Learning problems across a variety of platforms, head-on. With its broad and competent collection of tools, libraries, and APIs, businesses of all skill levels can get into developing some of the most powerful Machine Learning models that open new opportunities for experimentation and analysis. With TensorFlow in their arsenal, businesses don’t just gain the expertise to offer a better experience, but also do so with increased efficiency.


IBM Watson Studio (Plus IBM Watson Machine Learning Studio)

Among the top players in the Machine Learning industry, Watson is IBM’s offering to put an end to your business’ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning needs. Watson Studio provides an all-round solution at all stages of deploying and handling your custom Machine Learning models by covering various aspects, such as defining project goals, data preparation, choosing the right tools, model training, and deployment. Notebooks offer seamless collaboration with team members while providing easy access to your data across several projects. With Watson Studio, Data Scientists and Analysts get access to a world-class collection of tools from IBM, for managing the flowing data, numerous projects, Visual Recognition, Natural Language Processing, model lifecycle automation via AutoAI, and much more.


Amazon AI Services

Among the key players in the Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing industry, Amazon has an extensive list of services that businesses can utilize to not only gain better insights into their customers but also simplify a broad range of their regular tasks. Some of the services offered by Amazon AI platform include getting personalized recommendations, extracting data from physical copies of documents, generating forecasts using Machine Learning, user identity verification, translation services, and much more. With these services at your disposal, you can be sure to gain advanced analytics and make better decisions.


Microsoft Azure (Plus Microsoft Machine Learning Studio)

Azure is a suite of AI-powered efficient tools enabling businesses to operate on a global scale with cost-effective solutions. With Microsoft Azure, organizations get access to an exhaustive collection of services, including cloud computing, IoT, migration options, virtual desktops for remote access, developer tools, enhanced security, and the list goes on. With the help of Azure Machine Learning Studio, Data Scientists and Developers can rapidly develop, train, and deploy Machine Learning models while collaborating with the team. Support for competent tools is a major contributing factor to improved efficiency, allowing for better innovations, making Azure one of the best platforms for building and deploying smarter Machine Learning models.



H2O is another AI platform dedicated to making businesses aware of the numerous benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by giving them access to these services. With its open-source tools, H2O powers major industries in the market, like healthcare, finance, telecommunications, retail, marketing, pharma, and several others. By offering detailed analysis and predictions, Artificial Intelligence platforms like H2O can minimize market risks for businesses, driving profits even higher. And with its scalable Machine Learning prowess, it can offer a seamless data ingestion, model training, and deployment for advanced analytics, fraud analysis, and personalized marketing.


Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce is among the leading CRM platforms used by thousands of businesses and is a critical part of their operations, keeping everything in check. Salesforce Einstein is an innovative integrated Artificial Intelligence service that helps Salesforce offer smarter analysis to its customers while automating their workflow. Dubbed as AI platform -driven CRM, Einstein aims to deliver better customer insights to its users without letting them worry about the initial setup. By simply adding the customer data into the CRM, Einstein automatically selects the best model for the data and starts giving you customer insights, bringing you one step closer to turning a prospect into a customer.


Wipro Holmes

Holmes is Wipro’s take on AI platform that is built to drive efficiency, speed, and experience. By offering a range of solutions such as cognitive process automation, Natural Language Processing, self-learning, advanced analytics, predictive systems, and much more, Holmes can effortlessly cater to businesses of all scales, keeping them ahead of the competition. Holmes can also be used in several key areas for simplifying development, networking, remote operations, virtual assistants, security, and cloud operations, by offering an instant resolution to problems, ensuring optimum efficiency at all times. With Holmes’ end-to-end smart solutions, businesses can deliver a slowdown-free world-class experience to their customers that feels highly personalized.


Rain Bird

If you’re looking for a decision-making system that factors in all the right aspects, Rain Bird might be the right tool for you. Due to its AI-driven decision-making capabilities paired with visual models, Rain Bird makes it possible for businesses like yours to make decisions in a flash. It is suitable for critical scenarios and businesses that run on decisions, such as financial agencies, fraud protection services, and more. Rain Bird lets you piece together every bit of information to create a robust model that serves as the base of your decision-making system, giving you a complete insight into all possible outcomes.