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AgriTech Robots

10 AgriTech Robots that are Revolutionizing Farming in 2022

Collaborations between agriculture and technology are taking off as agritech robots are here in 2022

Emerging technological trends like augmented reality, mixed reality, and IoT are slowly making agricultural activities more precise, profitable, and sustainable. AgriTech, the merger of agriculture and technology is using modern methods to enhance farming. The advancements in AgriTech robots have elevated the global economy for good. The technology came out at a time when the world is undergoing multiple setbacks. In 2020, farmers mitigated agricultural challenges like fragmented land holdings, seed and crop quality, availability of input, supply chain and storage, weather and climate risks, as well as soil nutrition. All these conflicts were solved using AgriTech solutions like high-tech drones, IoT devices, and data analytics. Here are the top AgriTech robots worth mentioning, transforming farming forever. 



AgNext is an India-based AgriTech start-up that innovates agricultural value chains with technologies that digitize food quality and safety and provide end-to-end commodity traceability. The start-up applies computer vision, spectral analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to instantly analyze and produce results for food quality to ensure effective trade, production, warehousing, and consumption.


Unnati Agritech

Unnati Agritech Private Limited is a non-government company that is allied in agriculture and related activities for the past thirteen years. The company is a new-age fintech-powered digital farming solution that offers end-to-end support for farmers across India.



Meicai is a Chinese start-up that connects vegetable farmers with restaurants to try and grab a large slice of the fragmented food sourcing market. Meijianet has been devoting itself to changing the underdeveloped agriculture market in China with avant-garde concepts and advanced technologies.



WayCool Foods & Products Pvt Ltd is an Indian AgriTech company driving social impact by transforming India’s food economy. Founded in 2015, the company aims to build the world’s largest food development and distribution services companies and positively impact the lives of 500,000 farmers. WayCool’s operation has spread across product sourcing, food processing, branding and marketing, last-mile distribution, and farm inputs.



AgriBazaar is a one-stop AgriTech platform that uses intelligent and intuitive systems for delivering future-ready solutions to shape Indian agriculture. The cutting-edge technology and tools ensure the dependability, consistency, and sustainability of the fragmented agri-businesses. With services like precision agriculture, warehousing, agri-trading, and finance and payment, AgriBazaar spans across geographies and enhances the efficiencies of the entire ecosystem.



Ninjacart, an India-based supply chain company solves one of the toughest problems in farming through technology. Ninjacart connects producers of food directly with retailers, restaurants, and service providers using in-house applications that drive end-to-end operations.



Crophunt is an Agri commodity platform that connects farmers, vendors, wholesalers, traders of one state to vendors, retailers, and exporters of other states and also within the same state. Farmers and agri-sellers can sell faster with more profitability and buyers can purchase those commodities at a reliable price and can easily avoid artificial price fluctuations.



CropIn is an intuitive, intelligent and self-evolving system that delivers future-ready farming solutions to the entire agricultural sector. The company provides decision-making tools that bring consistency, dependability, and sustainability to agri-business.



Aquaconnect is an India-based technology venture that promotes sustainability through data-driven farm advisory and marketplace solutions for Aqua Farmers. The company’s AI-powered mobile application transforms real-time data collected from the farms into impactful insights. Aquaconnect also provides end-to-end services like farm management assistance, on-ground support, formal finance, access to market leveraging players on the value chain.



CropX is an ag-analytics company headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company develops the world’s most advanced adaptive irrigation service, which automatically optimizes irrigation. CropX’s technology was developed by a team of world-leading scientists and has been validated on-farm over the past five years.